The Fabulous No Thank You

I’m a card writer.  A proper, hand written, appreciation note author. I believe in the power of a thank you card – not a quick text or an email but a bona fide, old-fashioned, snail mailed card.  Although, there have been recent instances I’ve been unable to say thank you, let alone write a heartfelt one.

During my very lean times of late, I have not been able to muster so much as an eye gaze without welling up with emotion over the moments I have felt most gratuitous…the $20 bill a friend tucked under uneaten bagels before she left after a weekend stay…the $50 friends snuck into a birthday card….the money sent for a security deposit on a desperately needed new apartment….the 12 pack of Diet Coke left on my front porch for Skinny Pirates…the $100 you gave me just before your wedding because you were concerned…installing an outside motion light that you just happened to have at work…bringing a sack of groceries almost every time you come over… giving me gas money to travel the long road to work…seeing my full cart and buying everything in it for me…simple acts for some, yet invaluable treasures to me.

Sometimes a thank you doesn’t suffice – not that silence is better, it just feels that these gifts hold far more value than their monetary worth…and almost make my heart burst with appreciation and break of embarrassment over my situation.  So with that, I am throwing a BIG FAT thank you into the universe. THANK YOU! Next time, I promise it will be a hand-written note. I swear.

Naughty Betty brand thank you cards purchased on clearance at Target – $0.98 for a set of 8. Showing appreciation can cost next to nothing, so do it already!


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