Heart to Heart

I love a bargain – who doesn’t?  Finding a piece that’s similar to one I couldn’t otherwise fit into my fashion allowance makes me feel like the savviest penny pincher around.

I am not typically a J.Crew girl (as I am on the gaudier the better band wagon) but the past few seasons, they’ve incorporated bright colors, along with shiny sequins and their standard prep fashions make me yearn for a conservative shopping spree .

Yesterday, I stumbled on this sweater while perusing Net-A-Porter and immediately wanted to insert it into my closet.

I departed the site wanting to be able to wear this on every future Valentine’s Day (and many other days in between) but just couldn’t part with the dough.

Which is why Target is my fashion knight in shining armor. Once again saving the day to my budget woes, I spotted this Mossimo Supply Co. sweater below for a fraction of the price – and lusted for it just as much as I did the $90 version.

I’m so pumped when I find comparable pieces that can fit into my budget. It’s like winning a teeny, tiny lottery of sorts (and is really, when you’re saving almost $70 bucks). So look out St. Valentine – I have 6 months of preparation for our fashion date come February 14th.  Get ready.

4 thoughts on “Heart to Heart

  1. Girl! I love feedback no matter when the time! And, Old Navy is one of my favorite places to get ‘almost’ like J.Crew pieces. Thanks for stopping!

  2. Way late commenting on this one (just found your blog and loving it) but old navy had an exact dup to the j crew one and I’ve been loving it.

  3. Apparently so! And I’m trying to refrain from buying every piece!

  4. Ashley says:

    Loving the Target sweater. They have been doing a ton of Jcrew knockoffs lately!

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