Ever wanted to tell the world to suck it? Like when you’re broke and your phone gets run over by a truck?

Pinot helps take phone travesties a tad better…

If feeling like you might be up against a giant, into depths as deep as the Grand Canyon or preparing to drive yourself to meet the horned man himself (which would be much easier and probably a lot less painful), it’s nice to know that misery really does love company. I found the book Screw Calm and Get Angry while cashing in on a Barnes and Noble gift card and considering my current state in life, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made – with prickly quotes such as;

“If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it is the light of the oncoming train.” Robert Lowell.

I think this man may be my soul mate.

Screw Calm and Get Angry published by the Ebury Press for Andrews McMeel Publishing. Barnes and Noble. $8.99. Go get it. NOW!

One thought on “SUCK IT.

  1. Janie says:

    Everyone needs a copy of that book sometime or another.

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