Mani Monday!

It’s just another ….
Mani-Monday. Cheesy? Yes! But still fabulous. Check out my interpretation of the French manicure this week.

A little bit of rock’n’roll with a whole lotta sparkle. Holla!

A steady hand and a little patience can beef up your wallet, when saving on salon manicures. To read my how-to, check out the Fabulously French-ish Mani post.

Nails painted in Hard Candy’s Fabuluxe and silver sparkly tipped with China Glaze in Here’s to You.

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Mani Monday!

  1. […] know what kind of content I was going to create. Maybe ways to look fashionable on a budget? Or a nail painting blog? A lazy in the kitchen, you can do it too recipe blog? As I played with different ideas and posts, […]

  2. Riq says:

    Am wondering how this would look on my kitty cat’s nails. I think you are right on about this look. It’s terrific and you nailed it!

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