Diamonds are my BFF!

How does one look cute while moving offices of insanely heavy audio and lighting equipment?

After six seconds in the August heat, one doesn’t. BUT you can show a little pizazz while wheeling the refrigerator sized speakers off of the 18 wheeler.  Check out my bedazzled moving outfit below…

T-shirt, $30. Kitson. I bought it several years ago while on a trip to LA. And it’s a very treasured purchase!

I’m pairing it with my Champion running tights and topping it off with my Saucony running shoes.

Champion running tights, $24.99. Target.


Saucony shoes. Vintage-ish, as they’re 10 years old.

Fancy and fabulous while sweating in the Southern heat? Check.

Spreading my sparkly cheer (literally glitter falling everywhere) with each truckload.  My co-workers are thrilled beyond words. I’m just getting to the decorating a little earlier than anticipated.

Thank God for shiny diamond shirts! They make moving so much more stylish. Sparkle on.

Holla at me!

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