Birthday Cake Nails

Mani Monday is filled with tasty treats this week!

Feeling very festive and celebratory, as I toast birthday cheers to my mama, I decided to ‘wrap’ my nails up as a bonus gift.

This pink polish has multi-colored glitter included that could be mistaken for confetti frosting. I couldn’t resist, although I will be fighting a sweet tooth all week due to my manicure.

Birthday cake extravaganza for the nails!  Light pink with a whole lot of sparkle, tipped with a royal blue.

Light pink glitter polish by nails inc, LONDON in Topping Lane, $9.00. Sephora. Aruba Blue, $7.00. essie. Target.

If you’re having trouble doing your own nails in a French manicure, start by practicing on your toes. It will teach you to keep your hand steady while applying a straight line to the tip.

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Nails

  1. Janie says:

    They looked yummy!

  2. Thanks Christina! And, you should live a little, Mike.

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