10 Speed for Nails

It’s just another Mani Monday (still cheesy but so fun)!

A sweet baby girl is on the way (not mine, as I can hear the collective sighs of relief – my own included) and in honor of her approaching arrival, I decided to paint my nails in the colors used at her baby shower. Pink and purple.

The end result reminds me of my purple 10 speed with pink tires I received on my 9th birthday (but hey, it’s the thought that counts, yes?) that I rode until the wheels fell off.

The 10 speed look for my 10 digits.

Pink essie nail polish in Short Shorts, $7.00. Purple China Glaze polish in Senorita Bonita, $7.00.

A little shout out to the baby, while taking a bike ride down memory lane. My work out for the day is now complete.

Happy Monday!


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