Hangover Helper

Treating your body like a trash can is easy (and oh so fun) to do when the cocktails begin to flow.

But the next day, when I look at myself in the mirror and regret the 11th Skinny Pirate (if only I had added Diet Coke to the Captain Morgan), the entire pizza at 2am (that disappeared in 5 minutes), and wonder where in the hell I am (kidding! you can breathe again dad), I at least have one thing that brings a smile to my last night’s lipstick covered lips (or what’s left of it anyway).

The Hangover Helper. A little sparkle urging me to get back up on my fabulous feet (that still ache from those heels that were meant for sitting and looking pretty, not dancing on tables and almost breaking ankles).

This amazing rescue tool can hold up to 8 desperately needed doses of relief and fits into almost any purse I own. Discovered at TJ Maxx, $3.99.

Having this kit by my side on not-so-pretty mornings makes it easier to muster the energy it takes to to wash my face (which aged 20 days by not doing so last night, according to my mother) brush my teeth and wince when I see the hot mess looking back at me in the mirror.

Not only does my traveling medicine case look fashionable, it’s also a fantastic conversation starter. Like when it falls out onto the table my first day on my new job. While I winced and wondered if my new boss was regretting his most recent hire, he said to me, “That case rocks! I need to get one for my wife.”

Now who would have thought having a hang over kit at work could help you look like a shining star? Better go get your own – it could advance your career.



2 thoughts on “Hangover Helper

  1. Ashley says:

    There is nothing I like better then last nights make up!

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