Skull Boardin’

I received this kick ass roll of skull and crossbones ribbon from my friend Amanda and have been dying to put it to use.

Recently, my boss asked me to create a dry erase board for weekly tracking purposes but didn’t want it to be a typical calendar.  So I got crafty because the choices at the store are just so ordinary and if you’ve been reading this blog very long, you know that just won’t do.

For $13.00, I found an 18”x22” magnetic wipe board framed in cork at Target (all office supply stores were at least 25% higher in price for the same item).

Here’s what I used in addition to the board:

Scissors (don’t have to be so blingy but it does make it more fun), double sided tape and the ribbon of your choice.

First, I measured how many columns I would need with a ruler.

Then I applied the tape to the back of the ribbon.

And stuck the ribbon to the board (a ruler helps to set it straight).

I found magnets with the days of the week to use at the top of columns and coordinating dry erase markers do the rest!

White board, $13.00. Target. Ribbon, gift. Magnets, $3.00. Target. Dry erase markers, $4.00. Target.

A simple board (bedazzled to whatever degree you wish) with rock star statement that took about $20 to create. Easily tailored to be used as a daily family calendar, a menu planner, chore list, or weekly concert schedule (as shown above)…and best of all, you can always change the ribbon to update the look for next to no cost.



2 thoughts on “Skull Boardin’

  1. Ashley says:

    Love this idea, especially the part about changing the ribbon. I haven’t met a holiday I didn’t like to decorate for!

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