Foam Finger Fever

Is it possible to look fabulous while waving a foam finger in the air?

An early attempt of mine to nail football attire. Missed the mark but still cute, yes?

Last week, I eased into college football season with my fashion choice, supporting my college alma mater while cheering hundreds of miles away.   Wearing my pride on my sleeve (or rather, my entire torso – I really don’t like to do anything half assed, if you haven’t noticed) in bold gold.

VS PINK Collegiate Collection V-neck tee, $24.99.

Loving on my hunky Herky the Hawk (University of Iowa’s team mascot for those non-sports folks – or anyone that has ever misidentified Iowa as the Potato State, the Buckeye State or thought Kevin Costner lived there in a magic corn field of dreams).

Old school velvet, block lettering made my heart swell when I laid eyes on this T-shirt.

My real life mascot, Teddy wasn’t thrilled about my choice of attire and had no issues showing me how he felt about Herky, his competition.

Ted reminding me (in a very subtle, gentle manner) that he’s my main squeeze.

But as the day wore on, the shirt grew on Teddy and we became friends again (all was forgiven as soon as I shared my tailgating treats).

As for the foam finger? I made a minor substitution…

A bit of sparkle for all of my Hawkeye shine.

Why would one need a foam finger with a bling ring like mine? It’s more sparkly, gaudy and versatile (and way easier to maneuver to another finger when the referee makes a bad call). Just wait until next week…


Holla at me!

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