Red Carpet Shenanigans

My first (and probably only ever) red carpet was a bust.

There’s a ‘society’ magazine here in Nashville and in conjunction with Fashion Night Out (for those non-fashion folks, it’s New York Fashion Week and smaller cities everywhere participate with mini events) they were hosting a party in front of our year old Nordstrom.  This free (reason for being able to attend) event grandly advertised having your picture taken from the red carpet, sweet treats and the unveiling of their annual social calendar (which really means nothing to me because I can’t afford a ticket to go and rub elbows at events…and pretty sure I’m not missing out on much).

My First Mate, B and I headed out to saunter down the red carpet after work.  We weren’t sure what to expect and our text messages to each other beforehand had us giggling:

B:        “You want to meet somewhere before walking the red carpet? LOL…that sounds funny!!”

Me:     “I’m laughing my ass off right now at your text. Yes, let’s get together before we make our red carpet appearance.”

So we met up, rounded the corner and saw a handful of people accompanied by a bored photographer.

We came. We saw. We were underwhelmed.

It took all of three seconds to walk, pose, smile for the camera and be somebody on the red carpet.  We were all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Well, it turns out we had plenty of places to go.  Because we can sniff out booze like hound dogs (which is how we became friends in the first place, I think), we sensed complimentary champagne and wine somewhere within the mall and set out to lap it up like two sly cats.

Our first stop was Tory Burch (a favorite!), where we lost our marbles because not only did they have champagne – they had logo’d cookies and bottled water (can you tell we don’t red carpet event much?).

Our cute loot! Bottled water, cookie and napkin (yes, I kept the napkin but only for photo purposes…I swear).

Champagne lovin’ ladies at Tory Burch. My First Mate is in an Anne Taylor Loft dress, carrying her fabulous Louis Vuitton she purchased in Paris. As the Captain, I’m decked out in a Forever 21 sequined sweater, a Forever 21 necklace, Target earrings and my Alexander McQueen look-a-like clutch.

After our successful cocktail stop and manhandling of merchandise in Tory Burch, we headed to Michael Kors where they served us a large glass of white wine while we perused the goods. The staff was helpful, fun and let me dress my arm up with a watch I now am going to see in my dreams nightly:

Lust at first sight. Michael Kors watch, $325 (therefore I had to say a tearful goodbye).

We shopped a few other stores and then promptly stopped at Anthropologie when we spotted sweet treats and champagne from the window (we have no shame but at least we admit it).

How cute is this table?!

By this time our kitten heeled feet were starting to bark, so we decided to go and have a real glass of wine in celebration of our first (and most likely last) red carpet walk.

Toasts of the Town (in our minds anyway).

While we may not make the cover (let alone appear in the pages of) our local society magazine, we savored our red carpet moments of fame last night. I do realize this may sound delusional but I think that’s just the free champagne talking, don’t you agree?


22 thoughts on “Red Carpet Shenanigans

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