Mani Monday Monstrosity

Yesterday was Sunday night nail night. And as I was watching a Lifetime movie while painting my nails, I proved that I cannot multitask.

What should a gal do when she’s finished painting her nails and a bottle of polish smashes all over the hardwood floor? This girl went and got a paper towel and gathered as much of the silver mess as possible without ruining the wet polish on my nails. The result…not so pretty (for the floor anyway).

A spill on the floor didn’t stop this manicure from setting! Silver hue is Nicole by OPI in Chrome-A-Zoned.  Tips done in China Glaze’s Purple Panic (neon).

Scene of the beauty crime.  Sacrificing hardwood for a perfect manicure…maybe not the brightest idea. But hey, my nails look fabulous!

All that ‘suffering to be beautiful’ talk is nonsense. I simply beautified the floor, yes?  But now I have a DIY project on my freshly painted nails. How do you get nail polish off hardwood without stripping it? I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Mani Monday Monstrosity

  1. workplaypolish says:

    Ha ha…scene of the beauty crime. I love it.

  2. says:


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  3. says:

    I have used remover on carpet.

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