Pretty Pile of…

I’m sharing another piece of my cheap ‘art’ in the form of a framed greeting card.

Tough times call for comic relief.  My sister sent me this card and you would have thought I designed it myself – complete with yellow glitter background, pink sparkly flower and cocky saying on the front.

Here’s hoping for flowers (no matter how they grow).

Frame, $9.99. Target. Card, gift. Priceless.

Because I love this piece of treasured art so much (and because I’m oh so classy), I found it a home on my desk at work. I couldn’t determine whether to put it in my bathroom at home or take it to display at my place of employment (thank God not all decisions are so brutal). But I already have the sparkly deer head mounted in my bathroom (see The Deer Hunter, Sparkly Style) and didn’t want household guests to think they were in Rainbow Brite’s port-a-potty.

I keep thinking that the budding flower on the card just might start winding its way out of its pile of shit and grow toward me. Here’s hoping!


Holla at me!

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