Tailgating Terror

What’s that you say? Stopping by for the game that starts in 30 minutes? Oh sure, c’mon!

Being stuck with nothing on hand and unintended company can seem like a nightmare, especially if you don’t keep your cupboards overloaded (like this girl watching her budget).

With football season in full force, you can avoid a drive-by catastrophe by keeping a few key ingredients on hand for tasty snacks that are so easy, I can even throw them together in a moment’s notice (no one has ever mistaken me for a chef).

I stock up when items are on sale at the grocery and most of these purchases have the shelf life of space food (so you know they’re oh-so-healthy) and will last  through football season.

Favorites of mine include:

Tailgating Twosome. Rotel and Velveeta cheese.  You can always add cooked ground beef, chicken or sausage for a heartier dip.

The very difficult task of opening and dumping ingredients into a saucepan can wear one out, so be careful you don’t over do it before company arrives.

Cook slowly over low heat, stirring occasionally until melted.

Once prepared, serve immediately or you will get a crusty film on the top of your fancy cheese.

I serve pair this dip with Tostitos Lime chips but any old corn chips will do. Entire cost: $7.

You can also never go wrong with little weenies. Some prefer to call them ‘lil smokies. I prefer the term weenie.

Select any BBQ sauce from the grocery (I buy whatever is on sale), grab your weenies and go!

This is a tad simpler than the cheese dip. You open, dump, pour and stir. Let simmer on the stove and serve.

Gourmet wieners will really wow your company. Total cost: $5.

And finally, I always buy the 2 for $5 veggies at the grocery but never seem to eat them, thus always have on hand every Saturday.

Again –  open, pour, arrange, serve. See a pattern in my ‘cooking’? Total cost: $5.

By the time your football fans roll through, you’ll look like a pro.

Add a side of Bangin’ Buffalo Dip (if time permits) and voila! I had about an hour to throw this together.  Total cost for spread shown above: $23.00.

You’ll look like you’re an effortless chef of treats (all gluten-free, FYI) and tailgate crashers will be beyond impressed with your culinary skills. What could have turned into a terrifying situation will hardly even be a blip on your radar.

Now, cross your fingers for uninvited company.


2 thoughts on “Tailgating Terror

  1. Mike Bengard says:

    Get Ready. I will be there in 30 minutes.

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