My What Big Coconuts You Have…

What vacation would be complete without a souvenir or two?

On my recent cruise trip, I acquired a pair of the most gigantic Bahamian coconut earrings on the streets of Nassau.

My co-worker told me that I looked like an African Princess (although I prefer to be a Queen) upon seeing me and my coconuts this morning.

A street vendor named Irene (and her karate kicking grandson (show-off) who also was quite the 9-year-old salesman) told me that I had the ‘neck’ to wear these $28.00 beastly accessories she’d just made from coconuts (and I’d had enough strawberry vodka to agree).

I’m going to start having people at the office address me as “Your Majesty.”

Tipsy, impulse purchases that transform one into royalty (in my own warped mind, anyway) are the best, don’t you agree?


8 thoughts on “My What Big Coconuts You Have…

  1. Nancy says:

    Love your earrings. You do look royal in them.

  2. fashionforlunch says:

    Massive earrings! Amazing!

  3. ogpeelar says:

    Amazing!!! Plus you’re very pretty!!!!

  4. ciciyoung says:

    very impressive, like them 🙂


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