Pigskin Sushi

Want to really wow your party crowd with ‘sushi’?

Here’s an affordable, three ingredient, five minute, dirty-no-dishes delicatessen.

You will need:

Dill pickles, one block of cream cheese and thick-sliced, cooked ham.  Total cost – $7.00.

Place a paper towel under the slice of ham (this will absorb some of the moisture due to packaging) and spread cream cheese over it.

You can use light and/or whipped cream cheese, just be sure it’s at room temperature for easier spreading.

Next, roll the pickle up in the cheesy slice of ham.

Cut the pickle-in-a-blanket to your desired size.

And voila! A plate full of Pigskin Sushi.

This snack was such a hit at the last tailgate, we made another batch of the low carb, gluten-free delicatessen for the second half of the game and still had no left overs.




5 thoughts on “Pigskin Sushi

  1. Dean says:

    Best Sushi I’ve ever had! Highly addictive

  2. workplaypolish says:

    Love this idea! Plus it meets my three ingredient maximum recipe criteria (salt and pepper count as ingredients too so…yeah…I don’t cook much)

  3. fashionforlunch says:

    An usual sushi, but very cool!

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