Skinny Skull

A tasty treat for all of the ghouls who haunt the hour of happy!

The Skinny Skull.

This cocktail began when I first spotted the liquor bottle at a Nashville bar a few years ago.  And I knew I HAD to have it regardless of what alcohol surprise was inside.

$50 bones for 750 ml skull, $6 for 50 ml

Lucky for me, it was vodka (yes, I often cheat on Skinny Pirates with vodka and wine) made by funnyman Dan Akroyd.  And it’s mighty tasty.

The Skinny Skull recipe is a highly contagious concoction of Crystal Head Vodka on the rocks, a splash of Diet Sprite and a squeeze of lime (my stirrer is actually a cocktail pick but I make mine do double duty).  You can also add less vodka and more Diet Sprite, if your liver isn’t conditioned like mine (don’t judge).

While it’s not low(er) budget vodka (Skyy, Absolut) as I typically drink, I received my bottles as gifts from very fabulous friends and save for special occasions….like scary movie nights in October.

Not only is this vodka, its fancy bottle doubles as decoration. Two skulls, one stone.

Add the freak to your Friday with a Skinny Skull.



5 thoughts on “Skinny Skull

  1. trina0625 says:

    Thanks for liking my post! Love the Crystal Head vodka….One of my friends was able to score a bottle and then get it signed by the funny man himself.

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