Frightful French Fingers

What fun is holiday season without a matching mani?

Wicked French Mani

Orange hue is Crushed by Sally Hansen. Black glitter polish is Metallic 4 Life by OPI.

Now go get in the spirit of this spooky season.


9 thoughts on “Frightful French Fingers

  1. Gettin’ fancy there! I actually thought about you the other night during a trip to TJ Maxx (Is that weird? LOL). Anyway, they had a set of black glitter-covered skulls…but they weren’t the playful kind…they were the scary kind. So it was interested to see such a mean looking thing in such a playful, sparkly way. [I promise I don’t know where you live]

    • First of all, I wish you knew where I lived so we could be besties! I need you to do my nails! And hilarious that you thought of me in TJ Maxx (one of my fave stores)! The black skulls you spotted sound like they would fit perfectly in my scary, not cute skull decor. I will be running there after work!

  2. Katie Glenn says:

    I like the sparkly black instead of just shiny black…nice touch!

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