How to Not Melt on a Red Carpet

Working at a production company in Nashville, my job comes with perks.

Like moving and shaking behind the scenes of the red carpet at tonight’s Country Music Awards ceremony. Problem is, I’m working. And I’ve been running around since 7am this morning and hope (fingers crossed) that I don’t look like the wicked witch that melted in The Wizard of Oz by the time I actually make it to the arena to rub elbows.

I was so worried about what to wear because A) I want to look good and B) I want to pretend like I’m not trying too hard to look hip but nailing it (everyone in the music industry is oh so cool but doesn’t want anyone to think they care. Does that make them hipsters?).

So here’s what I’ve been prancing around in all day (trying to avoid sweating (obvious reasons), the windy breeze (hair!), and the sun (would dissolve my applied 9 hours ago makeup) :

I figure I can take my blazer off if I get too hot and fling it over my shoulder, ’80s style. But then I’d still be ‘dressy’ with my vest. Oh the woes of my job.

Vest, Express – $12.99. Necklace, Target – $9.99. Blazer, Gap – $49.99. Jeans, Rag & Bone – $69. Gotta love sales!

Earrings, Target – $8.99.

A little sparkle and spike accessories, sprucing it up behind the scenes.

In lieu of old fashioned shit kickers, I’ve opted for “I think I can kick your ass” motorcycle boots, which are packed with edgy comfortableness.

Hieee-yah! Stay back Kenny Chesney! Boots, Coach.

This is quite a banner year, as tonight marks my second red carpet experience in just two months (oh, I’m really somebody). If tomorrow’s headlines read that Carrie Underwood slipped backstage, you’ll know that it was due to my melted pile of mess (and this mission was not accomplished).

No autographs, please.


14 thoughts on “How to Not Melt on a Red Carpet

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  2. You look great, perfect outfit, hip, cool, and boots were awesome. Loved the earrings too. How fun!

  3. Hey there! I nominated you for a lovely blog award! Your blog forever makes me laugh and you’re just so nice! Follow the link to my post 😀

  4. breezyk says:

    Love this ! and so jealous, can’t wait to hear about your experiences!

  5. dannadesigns says:

    You nailed it! Great look.

  6. says:

    Hope you had fun hobnobbing. Bet, you looked great

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  7. AGIE says:

    Love that lipstick! ! Hope u have fun! I’m sure you’ll look fab!

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