Who Wants a Pink Sparkly Deer Head?

A Cowboys and Crossbones giveaway just in time for the holiday season!

You know you want me.

A few months ago, I blogged about my beloved pink sparkly deer head that’s proudly displayed in my bathroom (click here to read all about it). And people went bananas (unexpectedly went bananas. I actually thought people would stop reading my blog due to my kookiness), flooding my inbox about where the hell I found this one-of-a-kind glittered jewel.

This manly buck knows all of my bathroom beauty secrets.

And now, here’s your chance to win your very own sparkly deer head (what home is complete without one?)! My personal Mrs. Claus (I’m one of Santa’s favorites) commissioned a deer head from the elves that is beyond fabulous and donated it to Cowboys and Crossbones for a holiday giveaway.

An exact replica of Prancer.

This deer is a tad more spectacular than the one I hunted down (I kinda want to keep it for myself)- complete with beads, sequins AND sparkle.  There is a small hole on the back, so you can mount this lovely in any lucky room of your choosing.

Sequins and beads and glitter, oh my! Embellishment heaven.

And fabulous readers, here are the deets for your chance to win this little sparkly slice of Nashville’s CBXB:

Share your favorite holiday memory past or present and include where you intend on displaying this deer no later than Wednesday, November 28th by simply:

1) Leaving your memory in a comment below or

2) Sending me an email at cowboysandcrossbones@yahoo.com with the subject reading Deer Me.

This giveaway is open to all of my kick ass readers across the globe and the winner will be announced Friday, November 30th.

Mrs. Claus will have the final say so in selecting our grand champion, so bring on the holiday spirit (I will be feeding her Skinny Pirates while she judges).

Happy Holidaying –


24 thoughts on “Who Wants a Pink Sparkly Deer Head?

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  3. drkbrwneyez says:

    will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE tell me where you got this lovely deear head for the giveaway? i would love to give it as a Christmas gift!!! (& maybe probably one for myself). haha thank you!!

    • It’s most definitely a purchase that you need for yourself, as well as a gift! I found my original head a few years ago at TJ Maxx – lucky me! And my favorite Mrs. Claus found one in Iowa this year, sitting lonely on a shelf, screaming to be given away on my blog. I will keep my eyes peeled and if I come across, I will let you know!

  4. Melanie Staley says:

    Lots of Christmas memories. I celebrate every day. Love the deer head. Would look beautiful in my office!!!

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