Does This Sign Make My Ass Look Big?

I love getting snail mail of any kind – cards, letters, post cards and especially packages (who has ever opened their mailbox and said “damn it, someone sent me a package?”).  So you can imagine my delight when I saw a small box waiting for me to open one recent afternoon.

Inside the package was one of the funniest, most spot-on gifts I have ever received, compliments of Elvis’s mom, Whit (who also gifted me my fabulous Captain Morgan lamp).  I am always commenting on the ampleness of my derriere (and how I try to detract some attention from it) and this present offers a perfect explanation of my obsession with sparkles, sequins and shoes.

My total mantra on a canvas in MY COLORS!

And where else would one display such a fabulous piece of art? Well my bathroom of course (along with my sparkly deer head that you can win) where I house all fabulous things live in my mini manse.

The perfect trio. My crowned cat, my motto and a skull and crossbones jewelry dish. Sigh.

Every time I see the sign it makes me giggle, adding a little pep to my step and granting me justification for piling on more daily bling.

Sparkle on.



19 thoughts on “Does This Sign Make My Ass Look Big?

  1. I love the sign!! I’m also a fan of snail mail! I actually still send handwritten letters..although not very often..but I get them as well..and I must say it’s a forgotten pleasure 🙂 I love getting them!

  2. DressedinMYcloset says:

    Hahah Love the sign!

  3. Nafees says:

    no thats not mean 😉

  4. The Landy says:

    A bit of lippy and some jewels! …love it!

  5. This is the best mantra I have ever seen! Soooo funny! Your blog constantly has me in hysterics! Jazz

  6. I totally believe that too. And the bigger the jewels, the smaller you look by comparison!

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