Candy Mani Mania – The Sequel

So, as I was having a mouth party with candy corn over the weekend, I was again inspired to recreate the sweet treats on my nails.  Instead of the traditional candy corn, as I did before, I went with the chocolate caramel flavor.  I know, I know. So edgy.

This manicure seemed appropriate, as I will be stuffing my face all week in honor of Thanksgiving.

I first painted two coats of Chanel’s Black Satin (it was a gift, I’d never spend that kind of dough on nail polish – although it’s fabulous!), then had to wait patiently (not a skill I possess with ease) as my nails dried.  After my base coats were completely dry, I attached Scotch tape toward the lower half of my nail.  Below is an example from the original Candy Mani Mania.

Dry already!

After this step, I added a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Wear in Crushed and let it set for a few minutes.  I applied Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Wear in White Out to the tips (as I would with a French mani).  I’ve gotten a steady hand from so much practice but there are strips you can place at the tip of your nail if you don’t trust your abilities.  Add one coat of Seche Vite top coat and you’re done!

Tasty lookin’ trio

Now just try to not eat your nails for dessert.

Gobble. Gobble.


24 thoughts on “Candy Mani Mania – The Sequel

  1. Amanda says:

    They came out awesome! I would not have the patience for that, haha!

  2. Nancy says:

    Do they make a chocolate brown polish?

  3. marisaporter says:

    Cool colors! Need to get those strips for myself…..:)

  4. No way I have the patience for that! I got some Chanel nail varnish for a gift too, I’m so easy to shop for, anything with those Cs ha!

  5. The Landy says:

    Can I just admit to being dumb and ask what is Candy Corn?

  6. Love the manicure..cute n the colors are just great!!

  7. vudragovich says:

    As a guy i will never look at finger nails the same again!

  8. Love it! If only I had the time to do my mani without my little bean screaming in the background! hahah. xx

  9. Kelly P says:

    Love these! I copied the original and was candy corn for Halloween! Unfortunately, no one knew what I was…..

  10. jazzbeer says:

    i love your stylelish.xoxo

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