Very Merry Mani

One of my blogging besties at work/play/polish inspired my color on color mani and I dressed up my Elvis attire at last weekend’s party with this look.

A little red on red

A little red on red to spread good cheer.

After applying my base coat, I painted two coats of Essie’s E! Live from the Red Carpet.Β  Once that was dry, I used one thick coat of Orly’s Star Spangled on the tips (with a steady hand. Use polish strips if you need – only when the two base coats are completely dry though!). Topped off with a coat of Seche Vite, my favorite top coat ever.

Making sequins look good.

A standout against silver sequins.

A very merry mani, indeed!


25 thoughts on “Very Merry Mani

  1. Just gorgeous and festive!

  2. petit4chocolatier says:

    Love it πŸ™‚

  3. lycly says:

    I love this!!! The color-combo is celebratory but it’s not ‘too much’. I need to take nail-painting lessons from you, I always end up painting the top half of my fingers!

  4. […] simple and humble, sometimes bright and crazy. Always looking for inspiration and new ideas. Cowboys and Crossbones reminded me again of how much fun doing my nails is. Yes, I know, how girly of me, isn’t it? […]

  5. Ohhh, that’s pretty, I could almost carry that off…I gave up manis a long time ago, too much paint remover in my life πŸ™‚

  6. Alright…I love everything about this post! You sound like a pro but you had me at the ornament holding action shot!

  7. dannadesigns says:

    This mani is gorgeous!

  8. Very nice!

    I just looked at my hands–dreadful! I’m going to go take care of them, right now! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • You’re welcome. Good luck!

      • All I accomplished was a good cleaning and filing. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to everything, absolutely everything. No pretty mani’s for me. I’ve been forced to abandon my sparkly-loving original self, to pretend I prefer the nature-girl look.

      • A mani’s still a mani even with no nail polish! Although, that sucks you can’t do glitter polish and must resort to ‘pretend’ nature lady. If you buff your nails out, they’ll shine like they have the clearest of top coats on them and you can sparkle (when the light hits your nails just right) again!

      • I need to ask Santa to put a buffer in my stocking. (I lost mine).

        Then again, who needs a buffer? My great aunt, who grew up during the Great Depression, (when I was a child, I thought she was my GREAT aunt BECAUSE OF the GREAT Depression) showed me how to buff my nails on corduroy cloth. I just need to remember all the nifty tricks my “greats” taught me. Thanks for the reminder. (I loved your post about family!)

      • Seriously! I love your aunt who thought she was GREAT because of the GREAT Depression! She sounds fabulous – especially doling out information so useful as the corduroy buffer. Family is nifty with tricks like that, aren’t they?!

      • Family is nifty. My aunt was tiny–she wore size 2 shoes, which I grew into when I was ten. She was a gem among gems of a HUGE extended family. I was very fortunate.

      • Family IS nifty – sounds like we’re two lucky gals!

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