Trashy Traditions

During the last decade, the younger generation of my brood has introduced a new tradition to our family – Jell-O shots (I mean, duh. What Christmas gathering is complete without this delicacy?). And my family (being the classy clan that we are) welcomed the gelatin filled vodka with open arms.

There may actually be a cat hair in your Jello with the aid of Ted.

Who put the cat hair in my Jell-O?

It all started with our love of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – and how we watched the movie together every season. I was across between the young Ruby Sue (as my dad was deemed our family’s Eddie – yes, my sister and I are proud) and Aunt Bethany (as she was the crazy cat lady, wrapping up her cat for a Christmas gift and serving a Jell-O mold made with cat food). Therefore one family Christmas, I brought Jell-O shots decorated with cat food (really Cracklin’ Oat Bran but at first glance, looks like the real deal) and our new family legacy was born.

This cheap, easy tradition requires the following:

1 box of Jell-O

Nut cups

Vodka (flavored if you wish)

1 can whipped cream for topping

Follow the instructions on the back of the Jell-O box. Insert vodka anytime the recipe calls for water (if you’re worried too much liquor may create awkward family moments, use half vodka, half water). Refrigerate. Serve!

Making my family proud with our new tradition

Making my family proud.

Introducing new traditions isn’t always easy and ours required my very apprehensive Gma’s approval.


A little Jell-O never hurt…

Some gals prefer to be ladylike (like my Gma) and use a toothpick to aid in consumption.

Stirred, not shaken

Stirred, not shaken

And the rest is history.

Go Granny Go!

Family tested, Gma approved.

Now the tradition is so engrained, Teddy even takes part.

Teddy is even paws on when it comes to making Jello.

Paws on when it comes to making Jell-O.

Why don’t you do as the classy do and introduce the Jell-O shot tradition to your family this year?
It will make for some interesting memories….

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