How to Mend a Broken Heart

My cat Ted recently experienced his first heartache (click here to catch up) with our kitty neighbor McCain and you sweet readers have been worried, asking daily about my furball’s well-being (in the South, that calls for a “bless your heart”), so here’s an update.

Apparently, mending a broken feline heart requires the exact medicine used for healing a busted human heart.

Incessant sleep and wallowing on the sofa is a necessity in the rejected heart department (I left the Lifetime channel on for Teddy to watch sappy Christmas movies all day while I was away at work, of course).

Finding it hard to get off the couch.

Finding it hard to get off the couch.

Sharing a happy hour drink with your best friend always makes a kit cat feel better (don’t judge me with my head in the sink – a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!).

No one wants to drink alone.

No one wants to drink alone.

Cat rejection also requires the stuffing of one’s face with favorite snacks (yes, Ted prefers green peas…while I prefer a bag of potato chips).

Burying his heartache with his favorite snack.

Comfort food.

Long soaks in the tub also accompany broken heart repair. Ted tried this, as he’s seen me wash my cares away there many times.

Trying to relax in the tub.

Too much curiosity to relax.

After the failed bath, Teddy thought wine sounded good to help mask the pain.

Wine for the winey

Wine for the whiny.

Whisker lickin' good.

Whisker lickin’ good.

I've turned my cat into a wineo.

I’ve turned my cat into a wino, oh boy.

And of course one too many gulps of wine immediately led to heavy slumber.

Teddy tears on a pillow...

Teddy tears on a pillow.

After snoozing off the booze, Ted spied a likely heartbreak treat.

What to his wondering eyes...

What to his wondering eyes…

And I knew he was feeling better because when I shouted “NO BEAR!” he carried on as if he was deaf.

Feeling better because eating

Warning words falling on deaf ears.

An even better sign of his mending was our tug-o-war game over the chocolate.



The ultimate test came when I walked around in full-on sequins as Teddy’s human disco ball (he loves shiny just like his mom) yesterday morning.  I patiently stood just so, letting the the sun reflect off my shirt to see how he would react.

A sparkle a day, keeps the heartache at bay!

A sparkle a day, keeps the heartache at bay!

And he's back.

And he’s back.

A sigh of relief as I left for work, knowing that I could turn the Lifetime channel off, pull the shades up to let some light into the house and put any sharp objects back in their designated spots.

Back in the saddle (or in his case, window) again.

Back in the saddle (or in his case, window) again.

And when that cheap trick cat McCain sauntered by this window, Teddy didn’t bat an eye.

I of course shouted at the cat “eat your heart out,” as any good mom would do.


35 thoughts on “How to Mend a Broken Heart

  1. I love following your cats life and am glad that he got away unscathered from his past experience of rejection. Lucky him to have a mommy who knows how to handle the situation! 😉

  2. send him over..ill return him a whimpering

  3. st sahm says:

    Kitty be…loving this!

  4. petit4chocolatier says:

    Teddy is a cutie and very lucky!

  5. Love the picture of you in the bath Teddy! And good choice with the toblerone! hehe! The boat and I are waiting whenever you want to drop by for an adventure! =^.^=

  6. Teddy needs a warm bath and some show tunes and he’ll be back to his old self in no time. was worried about him there for a bit, glad he’s rebounded ok 🙂

  7. Amanda says:

    Every time I see glittery/sparkly things, I think of you! I just got this in my email — this time, it’s in honor of Ted!

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