Miami Mini Me

I used to have a boyfriend when I visited Miami. He pulled my chair out for me, brought me endless piles of sea shells from the beach and wanted to fall asleep in my bed (while I sipped on red wine. Nice influence, I know).

Sleep tight and don’t lose your grip on the wine glass tonight!

But a few years makes all the difference and my boyfriend has moved on to more exciting adventures – like playing football on the beach with fellow seven-year-olds, exchanging stats on the Indianapolis Colts with his uncle and reading engaging books on a Kindle. Sigh.

In denial that my small boyfriend no longer adored me, I caught myself a mini me – his younger sister.  When she asked to smell my wine, I warned her she’d think it would smell like feet but after putting her nose in my glass she said “that smells like candy.” Hello twin.

Two peas in a generation gapped pod

Two peas in a generation gapped pod.

After our initial wine conversation, we bonded over the love of sequins, sparkle and sass.  When she wanted to spruce her sweatshirt up with my gaudy earrings, I knew we were besties.

Earring lover

A gal after my own heart!

She was a fabulous shopping assistant – helping me decide if I really needed sparkly, studded sneakers.

Co-sgning on fabulous kicks

Co-signing on fabulous kicks.

Double the trouble, double the fun!

Double the trouble, double the fun!

And when she was able to coerce her uncle into one of her new sequin headbands, my heart swelled with pride.


An uncle sacrificing style for his fabulous niece.

Because I can do the same thing with the men in my life.

Best looking

A dad putting his manliness on hold for his daughter.

Who needs a kid when you can have an adoring mini me?

Go get you one!

Go get you one!



33 thoughts on “Miami Mini Me

  1. marisaporter says:

    This is such a cute story and most of the pictures are charming (if you catch my meaning, lol).

  2. So cute! I’m glad you’ve moved on from your mini bf to a mini me. My nephews were once my little bf’s, but they grew up and like Angry Birds, nerf guns and video games. Lame. But, I too have a mini me: my bff’s eldest girl. My favorite quote (well, one of them) of her’s is: I would like to thank God for my family, my friends and my awesome outfits. Yessssss…Auntie A has been a baaaad influence on her since birth. Her younger sis isn’t far behind, as she’s got a thing for accessories. I feel like work on this planet is done.

  3. Hello My Friend

    I have nominated you for The Reality Blogger Award – Congratulations! Please visit here: to find out the rules for accepting the award.

  4. Nancy Brown says:

    Sweet girl! Are you sure the world can handle two of you? Good thing you live in different states! Got her uncle wrapped around her finger. Just like the five little girls in are family with their Uncle Rhett. Your younger ex-boyfriend is cute too.

  5. Paula says:


  6. John says:

    Aww, so sweet!

  7. Courtney Evans says:

    What a cutie!!!!

  8. Your mini-me is a cutie and the kicks are cool.

  9. 1EarthUnited says:

    Your mini-me is totally adorable!

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