Weekend Winks

I excitedly kicked off my Nashville weekend by finding these oh-so-fabulous fingerless gloves in the girl’s department (I have small hands) at Target for $3.99 (click here to purchase)!


Who wouldn’t want these sparkly hand accessories?!

I celebrated the return of one of my favorite shows – Cougar Town (don’t let the title fool you – a quick-witted show with A LOT of wine drinking fun!) with my First Mate (click here to read about our Redneck Red Carpet experience).


My First Mate, excited for girls night TV!

Toast to our favorite Jules.

A toast to our favorite TV character, Jules.

To prepare for our viewing, First Mate brought wine to share….except she accidentally poured an entire bottle in her glass.

Yes, just poured the entire bottle in the glass.

It’s just one glass….

But luckily for me, she brought two bottles of wine and I couldn’t let her drink alone (being the gracious host that I am, naturally).

Can't let the First Mate drink alone

Bottoms up!

Then Teddy had to get in on the action, of course.

I wanna!

TB couldn’t figure out if he wanted red or white.


He ended up going red.

One of my co-workers texted this picture to me (found on Pinterest) and thought I might need it for my birthday this year but only with pink flowers (duh).

Feed me!

Feed me! Who of my baking friends can whip this up?

Teddy’s cousin, Gunner (click here to read about their matching Halloween outfits) had an incident with ice in the frigid Iowa weather.

Nephdog and his icy paw

He’s OK! Just a minor cut. But look at that face!

And my dad apparently can’t let the holiday season go, still sporting his Griswold Family Christmas t-shirt (but who can blame him, as it’s one of the funniest holiday movies ever!).

with no Christmas to go

Real nice, Clark. My favorite part of the outfit are the socks. Seriously?!

Another night of fun with the girls, celebrating a recent engagement.

Damage was done..by seven girls.

Damage was done..by seven ladies .

The party was a success (as seen above) and I was able to keep the photo bombing art alive – with a sneaky side plank (I’m getting so adventurous).

Keeping the photo bombing alive...side plank style. Although I got caught.

Is it still a photo bomb if you get caught?

Because he was such a good kit cat during the party, Ted got to go for a spin around town during a thunderstorm.

Ted enjoying a spin around Nashville during a thunderstorm.

Soaking it all in.

And we both spent the remainder of the weekend curled up, watching the Golden Globe Awards. Teddy and I pretended we were Joan and Melissa Rivers judging celebs’ attire as they paraded down the red carpet while we stuffed our faces with guacamole (me) and frozen peas (Ted).


Hello award season!

Ending Sunday evening with a little rest for the weary. All the weekend shenanigans really wore TB out. And maybe me too...

TB was one pooped pussy.

And a kick-ass surprise awaited my arrival at work today – a pink Eiffel Tower that my boss brought me from his weekend trip to Paris.


Wonder why he thought of me?

Ayez une semaine fabuleuse!


23 thoughts on “Weekend Winks

  1. You just love sparkly things πŸ˜› hihhi they look good on on. I hope they are nice and warm πŸ™‚

  2. petit4chocolatier says:

    Love it all! Your cat cracks me up! That cake is superb!!

  3. kellisamson says:

    Nice boss! And does Ted really eat frozen peas?!
    I love the Globes. I heart all events where there might be a Clooney/Affleck/Pitt, etc, etc, siting.

    • Agreed on the Globes! I love that guests get to drink…that can always make for interesting speeches. And yes, Teddy’s all time favorite snack is seriously peas. I learned this by leaving a bag of opened peas on the counter, came back a few moments later to Ted’s entire head in the bag. Little piglet!

  4. DressedinMYcloset says:

    I adore those gloves!

  5. That is an impressively fabulous weekend topped off with that divine pink Eiffel Tower (nice boss or what?!)
    Seriously impressive side plank btw!

    • I’ve been perfecting my side plank (or so I thought) in the early am of weekday mornings…come to find out, I can hold it way longer after four glasses of champs! My boss does rock (and knows me very well).

  6. Those goblets are ridonculous (first time I ever write my wife’s favorite word)!!

  7. Now that is a glass of wine. πŸ˜€

  8. Nancy Brown says:

    Love the tower!

  9. Nancy Brown says:

    I can bake the cake, but can not do the decorating. Sounds like one fine weekend! Do you realize we both have a TB in our lives?

  10. You really know how to have a good time πŸ™‚

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