Cray Cray Chanel Lady

Everyone wishes for a Fairy Godmother (FGM).  Just so happens that I’m lucky enough to have one!

One of my bestie bloggers, Enchanted Seashells (who hilariously called me out in one of her posts yesterday – click here for a must read!) has a gorge Chanel purse.  When she spoke about it on her blog,  I could hardly wait for her to show the goods (and then turn green with envy) when she got her bag.  So when she caught wind of what I received, I told her I’d share, too!

And courtesy of my FGM (who’s celebrating her birthday today!), here’s what recently appeared at my front door step…..Swoon. Sigh. Squeal!

hello gorgeous

The Mother of all boxes.

Most normal women dream of a white dress and a wedding aisle in order to sprint down to a groom.  Not me.  I’ve often dreamed about obtaining a luxury shoe and slipping it on my foot – comparable to a Cinderella moment.  Or maybe a Pretty Woman moment (without the prostitute part and all).

sleep tight

Bootie bags!

And out of the box, the most beautiful Chanel booties appeared.


Hello Lovah!

My friend P suggested that I get a shadow box in order to display them because they really are that gorgeous AND foot ‘art’.  Of course, I want to bedazzle a frame to put in my closet allowing them to ‘hang’ while they’re off-duty (which will be very minimal).

In all of their black and white patent leather shine.

Shine on!

Who would have thought interlocking C’s could fill a gal with glee?!

Yeah, that’s Chanel, bitch.

So now my evenings consist of hurrying home from work, laying on the kitchen floor with my legs over my head taking pictures (exciting life, I know) of my oh-so-fabulous patent leather Chanel booties.

They look so good outside of my Laundry Wing

Lookin’ good outside of my laundry wing.

And then I prance around my mini-manse in my vintage (it was my mom’s in college) tuxedo T-shirt (so dressy) and booties, like any sane person would do.  A fancy brand of boots can up the class of any outfit but it apparently doesn’t guarantee adding class to the gal.

So am I now a Cray Cray Chanel Lady as well as a Crazy Cat Lady?

Even Teddy is enamoured with my new kicks.

Paws off!

Chanel inspected, Teddy approved.  Of course he approved – I’ve groomed him well.

CCheers to my FGM! (yes the double C was on purpose).



56 thoughts on “Cray Cray Chanel Lady

  1. Susie says:

    So if I wasn’t already in love with your blog/activities/collections I am now!! Girl you rock!

  2. SO JEALOUS! you are definitely loved.

  3. a part of me died a little bit when I just saw the box in reader…couldn’t open up the post fast enough!
    What a lucky lady…A glittery pink deer bust AND Chanel booties…

    All kinds of jealous but also know you’re TOTALLY WORTH IT 🙂

  4. Amanda Fox says:

    You Chanel diva you! Like the cat pic the best. They know what’s worth something. 🙂

  5. Ms B. BAD says:

    they are beautiful! Def should put them on display! Congrats!!

  6. DressedinMYcloset says:

    Love–Now I am green with envy! Xo

  7. Fantastic shoes —Love them! I hope the furry boss doesn’t decide to use them as a chew toy. I wear a size 4, I’ll have to live vicariously through you.

    • Whoa tiny feet! Hard to find shoes or do you shop in the girl’s department (sometimes I can get my size 6 in a kid’s 4). I have them up and away from Teddy but because they’re shiny, I have high anxiety he might still find a way to sink his teeth/paws into them! Cats!

  8. Paula says:

    Great boots and I have some great flowers. Thx.

  9. dannadesigns says:

    Those boots are gorgeous sweetie!

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