Teddy vs. Twins

Which is more of a natural look for me?


Side cuddling Ted….


or side snuggling my new niece?

easy does it

Feeding my nephew…


or cheek to cheek with TB?

I think I already know the answer…

Auntie CBXB

Image 1

31 thoughts on “Teddy vs. Twins

  1. Teddy is indeed very cute. But I’ll go with the human children.

  2. Nancy says:

    You always look good!

  3. I’m loyal to the Tedster, but the babies are gorgeous.

  4. I think you look completely natural in all the photos. You’ll want to watch those earrings however, within a few months, with the babies. Babies love to swipe shiny objects, and they have a grip you wouldn’t believe. The photos with the babies have a side-lit glow, giving them an entirely different feeling–appropriate for the awesome moment of holding new and fragile life. The Ted photos capture tons of personality (of both of you!)

  5. Another cray cray cat lover here, so Ted’s the answer!

  6. The babies are beautiful…and I had a cat that looked just like Teddy…he was one of the smartest ‘people’ I have ever known and one of the best friends I ever had..and no,I am not a crazed old cat-lady!(I was in my 30’s , married with 2 kids…Aloysius just WAS.)

    • Isn’t that funny how cats can be smart, witty and not even be able to speak? (Although I sometimes think that I talk to Teddy and he processes it like any other human, just ignores me because he can). Aloysius – what a pretty name!

  7. Ted will always be a fav! Trust you are well….

  8. dannadesigns says:

    LOL…you look a little uncomfortable with the twins, so I will say Teddy but I bet you are a great auntie πŸ˜‰

  9. I gotta give it to Teddy he knows how to steal the show. Cute baby twins? No problem for Ted! And the love is def there between you too!!

  10. poet365 says:

    Aunties definitely love their Cats
    and why not he is sooooooo cute πŸ™‚
    Have a feline of a wonderful day
    and a superb evening also πŸ™‚

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