Weekend Winter Winks

Oh the weather outside was frightful but getting to the twins was delightful!

Worth the wait!

Before leaving Nashville, Cousin Teddy (CT) demanded to help sort and wrap all of the gifts I acquired for proper spoiling.

Actually he’s a little pissed none of this madness is for him.

Box Approved

Making use of himself as dead weight.

CT was awfully jealous of the wardrobe choices I selected for the twins – it had his blood boiling.

Aunts Rocks!

Outfitted aunt attire for three, six and twelve months!


A little CBXB action for tiny feet.

Tit for Tat

And stylin’ outerwear for twin treats!

Packing up the ‘sleigh’ proved hard to do…


Leaving little room for a derriere or two.

The wind whipped and twirled…

She's Like the Wind

Gone with the….

And with that, the ice and snow whirled quickly over the roads, making travel treacherous in the night’s cold.

Real Ice

Snow plows prohibited from the roads due to weather conditions, we were forced to pull over with no intentions .

Real Snow Plow

We unpacked half the sleigh for an eight-hour stay,

One Night Stand

Yes, it takes eight bags for three people to primp to meet twins.

But all of the traveling paid off the next day!

First Kiss!

Love at first smooch.

I discovered a little diva during my stay –

No Photos Please

No photos, please!

And thanks to family and dear friends, a shower went underway.

Gifts Galore

Plenty of room on the ride home!

A questionable stylish choice for an aunt –  who was happy working and burping the day away.

Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw

Modern Day Carrie Bradshaw.

Feeding and snuggling the babies was an easy treat,

Bottoms Up!

But I saved some love for big brother Gunsie – I didn’t want him to think I was a cheat.

Favorite Puppy

Gunsie and Aunt Juicy

While Gpa was promising “spotted Indian ponies,” (which with further investigating turned out to be spotted horses, FYI), “Mustangs (yes, the car) and promises galore,”

Pony Promises

I braved the frigid air to get to my favorite store.

Snow Pile!

A trip to Von Maur makes every Iowa journey complete but being away from the babies was no small feat!

Von Maur Must Haves

And while it was doubly hard to say good-bye,

Happy Morning!

I had my own Nashville baby waiting on me,  just barely getting by.

Missing Mom?

Yeah, he really missed me.

Still warming up from the Iowa cold, my heart grew three sizes for the little souls I now love.



31 thoughts on “Weekend Winter Winks

  1. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    Awww, adorable pictures! I am an aunt as well to 7 and 2 year old girls and I adore them 🙂 Can’t forget your adorable Teddy 🙂

  2. DressedinMYcloset says:

    Cute babes!

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