Love at First Bite

Sis made the mistake of smelling

Yeah, it’s that good.

My Australian blogging buddy, Baz over at The Landy has often posted about his love for Vegemite (which apparently is a national treasure Down Under) which piqued my curiosity as I’d never heard of the product. Because Baz and his family rock, they sent me a package of Vegemite and Bundaberg rum (think Baz knows me well or what? I could NOT wait to tear into the rum which was quite delicious, giving my Captain a run for its money).


Welcome to America!

Baz cautioned that you put a very thin layer of Vegemite on a piece of toast or cracker – and also mentioned that this Australian potion was a fantastic hangover cure (again, knows me well!).


The prep.

I recruited my extremely hesitant (we’re Midwestern and into bland food!) sister into being a taste tester alongside moi (she made the mistake of smelling the Vegemite first, therefore causing her to drag her feet all the more).


If you want to up the ante, link arms to make shoveling food into your mouth more difficult.


I jumped right in with a bite –  Sis tried a nibble.

And while I savored the taste, she was underwhelmed with the salty concoction.


So you love it?

I meant to give Vegemite two thumbs up but only mustered a pointer finger (blonde moment), while trying to explain why I truly liked the Australian delicacy.

love at first bite

Finger up!


American sisters, split decision on Australia’s tasty spread.

I’ve been living on my Vegemite every Saturday and Sunday morning since … it is quite the cure!



33 thoughts on “Love at First Bite

  1. dannadesigns says:

    The vegemite sounds interesting and the rum looks yummy!

  2. Elli Agars says:

    I LOVE vegimite. I’m aussie, it figures. I think growing up with the taste certainly helps with the not-grossing-out-over-a-salty-spread thing. I like to eat mine on toast. One piece of toast with butter and a bit of vegimite (you have to have it with butter!) and another piece with honey. That way you can swap between sweet and salty haha!! x

  3. 1EarthUnited says:

    Thanks for the brilliant hangover cure. Makes sense, there’s a lot of minerals in brewers yeast spread. Cheers!

  4. kellisamson says:

    Your faces say it all!

  5. Hey there, I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Check my latest post for detail! Congratulations!

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