99 Problems and a Man Ain’t One

Has anyone involved with a man ever been able to add this statement to their vocabulary? Highly doubtful.

Last night while out and about, I think I found a cure for problems with the male species: Training Treats for Boyfriends (there are also treats for husbands but they were all out at the store…wonder why?!).

The tag line reads, “If you think your boyfriend is a dream but he sometimes makes you want to scream, you can turn him into the perfect man using the simple training treats plan.”


Trained to perfection?

And here’s what this product promises to accomplish…


From totally geek to totally chic.

If they’d had a training treat box for diva felines, I would have snatched one up and given it a whirl on Ted (just to see if he’d set still and let me paint his claws).  And while I left the single remaining boyfriend box sitting on the shelf, it dawned on me that there were no training treats for females.

Is that because we’re perfect specimens or was the store sold out?



26 thoughts on “99 Problems and a Man Ain’t One

  1. They need to ship some of these to Germany 😀

  2. AGIE says:

    And……. where’d you say I can purchase these???? lol

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