How to Watch the Oscars With Your Cat

First, you must be on the same page about what outfit to wear.

Mr. Ted E. Bear started with his sparkly silver fedora but soon changed his mind after watching the red carpet.


Does this hat make my face look fat?

Upon seeing the glamorous stars, he wanted me to dig out his Christmas tie and decided to prance around our mini-manse until dinner was served. I on the other hand, held firm with my first decision – my leopard print onesie (click here to see me in all of my glory).

Red Tie Event

Red Tie Event

You also must have a signature cocktail.  We settled on Kir Royales for the Oscar evening (Teddy was overly cautious (and scared) of the bubbles when trying to drink, therefore I had to polish off the champagne alone – poor me).


First pour two ounces of Chambord in a glass, top with champagne and if you wish, garnish with fruit.

Be sure to have good eats that appeal to the both of you.  I found sushi with tuna, salmon and shrimp – three of Ted’s favorite.


Fancy feline feast.

And sweet treats are also a must – I found a pretty cupcake for Teddy and I to share.


Gigi’s gluten-free chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing.

Whiska lickin' good!

Whisker lickin’ good!

We both had the stars we could NOT wait to see. Mine was Bradley Cooper (duh) and Ted’s was, well…Ted.


My bear’s favorite bear.

After all of the excitement, Teddy could hardly keep his eyes open the rest of the telecast.

of a telecast

Does this show ever end?

Be sure to have entertainment to keep your feline awake, as I accidentally fed Teddy too much fish and frosting.

Maybe cat nip for next year’s treat?



26 thoughts on “How to Watch the Oscars With Your Cat

  1. lycly says:

    Haha I love his tie!

  2. Great pics and looks like a great fun nite. I actually watched with Gabi, but didn’t have the presence of mind, as you did, to spiff her up for the evening.

  3. This is great! Good Job 🙂

  4. Glitter Mama says:

    awww so cute, you have him spoiled, tut tut lol! x

  5. FreeUrCloset says:

    The tie picture is priceless. Love the post! xo

  6. That tie look for Teddy is priceless! I’m pretty sure if you set him up with his own utube channel he’d beak records! 🙂

  7. Hahaha poor Teddy with that “Red Tie”. I’m happy he had some cup cake to celebrate with his date.

  8. Tracy says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts – they are so entertaining!

  9. Teddy with the hat is an oscar winner! lovelovelove kir royales but is there a drink I DONT like? that’s the more difficult question. Oh yeah don’t hate, but I HATE beer. I only think I’ve had one beer in my entire life. Truth. or DARE. I’ll drink one if you dare me, haha

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