Weekend Winks – Achoo!

Most of my Nashville Friday nights end up with this Captain sipping on Captain.

Not so much...

Fridays taste so good…usually.

But my recent weeks of endless fun resulted in a sniffly weekend.

bless me

Cough syrup isn’t as tasty as Captain but certainly did the trick!

Teddy had zero problem being lazy and sharing in his Mama’s misery.

Teddy feeling his Mama's pain

Teddy wishing I was sick every weekend.

We got some pep in our step Saturday, seeing my that my nephew is going to be a future punk rocker.

punk rocker

Mohawk mania. Brings a tear to this old Auntie’s eye.

I braved the snow (yes SNOW in Tennessee…in March) and went out and about for a few Saturday errands.



Not without bundling up in my trusty leopard scarf, of course.

for the cold

While out, I found this sign and thought I would pass along in case any of you have a house you’re trying to sell in the ‘hood.

Just in case...

Because this person buys hood houses, FYI.

I slipped into some comfortable basketball threads, only to have my Hawkeyes ass handed to them.

Every team I touch turns to shit this year

Midas touch – every team I touch turns to shit.

In trying to snap pics of Teddy (due to sheer boredom of being cooped up), he decided to be as uncooperative as possible (usually he’s doesn’t see a camera lens he doesn’t immediately pose for – takes after his mother).

Tyranasaurus Teddy

Tyrannosaurus Teddy

With a basketball bummer and all caught up on my DVR, there was nothing to do but drink and clean.

Sunday cleaning

Wine makes everything more fun, yes?

And Ted needed to get in on the dusting action, leaving grubby paw prints behind every swipe of my clean cloth.

which one of these things doesn't belong?

Which one of these things doesn’t belong?

And this morning, it looked like Ted had done a little Spring cleaning of his own. Look what I found in his bowl…

Who put that hair in my toothbrush?!

Who put that hair in my toothbrush?!

Seems he didn’t get his teeth quite clean enough the first time around (you should read about it here).

The little shit.


23 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Achoo!

  1. kellisamson says:

    Get well soon! Just picturing Ted looking for the head of your toothbrush, then dragging it around and leaving it at his food bowl — what a weird little dude you’ve got there! He’s a keeper, for sure.

  2. Nancy Brown says:

    I been sick, to. Started getting it on my birthday. Took it on vacation, too. Thought I was better until relapse day after we returned home. Hope you are better. Get that pussy a toothbrush of his own!

  3. st sahm says:

    Capitan, your weekend was bad ass.
    Feel better soon!

  4. Teddy looks sooo handsome and I like his blanket too. I like your tissue box. By the way, you look good with glasses.

  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    Aye Aye Captain! Permission to come aboar… Ok, see now I’m just being inappropriate again. Will I ever learn.
    Alright so now on to Mr. Teddy. It seems that as usual somebody (Teddy) knows exactly how to handle just about any situation.
    James Bond should be so smooth.

  6. Hehe! We don’t have ‘hoods’ over here but I’ve seen them in human films… Made me giggle! Teddy is right to take dental hygiene seriously, I fully support him! =^.^=

  7. Omg, houses in the hood. I need to forward this post of my bff. She’ll get a kick out of that sign. And I can’t believe Ted went after your toothbrush! I think he needs to speak to Tina about proper dental hygiene. She’s one smelly diva.

    • I wanted to climb up the utility pole and steal the sign, I got such a laugh when I spotted it! And Teddy is now attached to my toothbrush. It’s the most expensive toy he’s ever owned! I definitely need to put him in touch with Tina.

  8. marisaporter says:

    Your photo blog posts make me laugh!! Especially the house in the hood thing, and the house cleaning and wine thing. I try to add tea to anything that isn’t interesting enough. πŸ™‚

  9. Love your glasses!:) I need new glasses soon and I love this style:Dx

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