The Snuggler

Feeling tired and blue with no one to snuggle up to you?

longing for a snuggle

Longing for a cuddle….

Oh please. Don’t let that little face fool you. I maul that cat daily.

While thwarting off germs and sneezing my brains out this past weekend, I did the only thing I could do to make myself feel better. Drink liquor.


Two liquors per day keeps the doctor away! Wait, is that the right saying?

Here’s what you’ll need for The Snuggler:


Peppermint Schnapps

Hot Chocolate

tasty trio

Just a mug full of booze helps the medicine go down!

Start by carefully pouring a hearty amount of Kahlua in the bottom of a mug.


Follow with a heavy-handed glug (I seriously wait for the liquid to make a ‘glug’ sound) of peppermint schnapps.


Mix a package of hot chocolate (I selected diet hot chocolate, so as not to feel guilty about the generous amount of liquor included in my concoction) with hot water into your mug. The true recipe calls for one part Kahlua, one part Peppermint Schnapps and two parts hot chocolate (but now that’s not any fun, is it?).

Hot water

Upon completion, you will have to fight off those around you who want a sip of their own.

Whiska lickin' good!

Mmmm…I’d better have some so I don’t get Ma’s cold.

Then you’ll need to make a batch big enough for sharing – because sharing is caring, isn’t it?


Mix. Drink. Share. Repeat. Mix. Drink. Share. Repeat. Mix. Drink. Share. Repeat.

This method will lead to some serious snuggling.

Let the mauling begin!

Let the mauling begin!

And ends up being quite a fun cold remedy.



26 thoughts on “The Snuggler

  1. petit4chocolatier says:

    I am definitely needing one of these!

  2. Chef Randall says:

    Next time try peppermint hot chocolate it is unique in a chocolaty drink. Look at me encouraging you!! lol hope you feel better CB. 🙂

    Thanks as well for your visits to my blog, Savor the Food.

    Chef Randall

  3. Ms B. BAD says:

    Awesome! I so want to try this!

    Thanks for the comment love. I am happy my post could help your day!

  4. Looks like my human had the same germs as you had, but she limited herself to some red wine. Ah! When a catnip tea would have been the purrfect remedy!
    Hope you feel better!

  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    You wrote: “Two liquors per day keeps the doctor away! Wait, is that the right saying?”
    I don’t think that’s right, two doesn’t sound like enough. Although neither five nor eight rhyme with ‘day’ so I guess it could be a problem. But I suppose after several Snugglers most problems likely fade away. 😀
    Good thing that Teddy was helpful, more so then my 21 year old Jack T Cat who I found yesterday on the kitchen counter up to his ears in my pepperoni pizza. You would think he is too old for such behavior.

    • I think the older the cat, the wiser. What feline wants to drink when you can eat a pepperoni pizza?! Jack T. sounds like he knows what’s up! As a matter of fact, I’m withholding this information from Teddy so he doesn’t get any fresh ideas.

      And, I am ashamed of myself that I thought two liquors a day would do it…you are absolutely correct that it should be more like 8…or 9. Who cares if it doesn’t rhyme?

  6. Mancakes says:

    Man, we got so ripped off in the kitty department. I mean, cats are independent but the one we rescued is downright ungrateful. Does that mean I get to double up on the booze since I am snuggle-less? 😉

  7. I was too sick to drink last week! Since when does Nashville have such poor air quality? The Ted looks like he might have tossed one back every now and then. Tip It On Back Ted.

    • I think you’ve just created a new slogan for Ted. Seriously! Nashville has had bad air quality as long as I can remember. Anyone with allergies has them ten fold when they are here. Sorry to hear that you had such a crummy time breathing here!! And being too sick to drink while out and about…NO FUN! Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Danette says:

    Are you feeling any better after that? I don’t have a cold but now I wanna try that out :).

  9. Making that when I get home tonight!!!

  10. I need one of these after looking after the olds

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