Fergie Can Suck It

The relief mani.

The relief mani.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with Fergie since she whined about a child and it’s blanket in her song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” She’s a grown ass woman crooning about missing a man “like a child misses a blankeeee.” PLEASE.

So it truly pained me when I HAD to purchase a nail color from her collaboration with Wet’n’Wild.  The fluorescent neon hue screamed my name and I got over myself and bought the damn bottle. I mean, she’s got funky style – how bad could the polish be, really?

It was horrid.  The photos do not show how the actual color turned out. Instead of being a vibrant, neon pink, it was a beachy coral that was dull.  It made my fingers look like they belonged to an 8-year-old Black Eyed Peas fan with a blankee in tow.

F Fergie and her Wet'n'Wild ways!

F Fergie and her Wet’n’Wild ways!

Don't buy.

Don’t buy unless you want a mani that belongs to a prepubescent girl.

Upon application, I added the sparkly top coat to see if it would make any difference.  And it did. I looked like I was a kindergartener that just applied a birthday manicure. Needless to say, I hated the outcome, the product and now realize why I stopped buying Wet’n’Wild nail polish so long ago. Lesson learned. AGAIN.

Because I do my nails Sunday nights, I slept on it, thinking I’d feel better about it in the morning. Nope. Loathed the color and Fergie all the more – especially since I was having to paint my nails twice in two days.

Here’s what Ted and I did last night…

Better. Pawsitively.

Pawsitively better.


Sally Hansen HARD as NAILS Xtreme Wear in Black Out (370) and White On (300).

finger lickin' good

Finger lickin’ good.

Upon completion, we snuggled up in our blankee (hey, I didn’t say I didn’t have one – I just don’t whine about it in song), drank wine and literally watched paint dry for the second night in a row.

Lucky us!



30 thoughts on “Fergie Can Suck It

  1. Tracy says:

    I can tell in the photo the color looked more coral/salmon than neon. I hate when you buy a nail color that looks good in the bottle and it looks like crap on your finger or toenails! I don’t care for Wet N Wild either! I tend to stick to OPI.

    • Tracy I NEVER buy Wet’n’Wild because the polish typically chips within a day or two no matter what top coat I used. I thought this was such a cool shade of neon pink (must have been the fluorescent lighting?!) I decided to give it a try – which we all know didn’t pan out. OPI is my favorite polish – and I really like Essie, too. No more dollar polish for me!!!

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    Well I’m guessing that Fergie is neither wet nor wild. Now you on the other hand… 😯 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    Yeah, your second mani definitely looks better than the first!

  4. Two things in the last picture that I can never make work together: a fresh mani and guitar. Never fails that I get my nails all fresh and fab, then immediately afterward chip the index finger on my right hand from picking. They need to invent something that prevents that, fo’ real.

  5. FreeUrCloset says:

    Lol..I have to say the Wet n Wild – thumbs down. But the black and white rocks mani rocks. Love the skull ring.

    • Oh hells to the yes on the two thumbs and big toes down on Wet’n’Wild. I knew better but wanted a neon pink polish, damn it! I will never fall for the cheap trick again!! And thanks on the skull ring – it’s my absolute favorite piece of jewelry I own.

  6. AGIE says:

    loving that polka dot nail!!

  7. Mitzie Mee says:

    I actually like that coral color (even though I’m not a big Fergie fan:)). Though the black and white ones are really classy. Sally Hansen usually got what it takes:)

    • Mitzie – the coral color would probably look good with your skin tone! I was just thinking it was going to be more of a neon color. And totally agree with you on Sally Hansen – she always comes through for me! 🙂

  8. kellisamson says:

    Fergie. Blech. I loved her as a kid on “Kids Incorporated,” where she went by Stacy. She was my favorite character. Now? Notsomuch. Not even a little much. I am so with you.

  9. that is just false advertisement right there!! damn that skank fergie…how she landed josh dumhal is beyond me. love the black/white 1000000x’s better. more reason for me to stay away from wet n’ wild colors – i’m an essie girl!

  10. dannadesigns says:

    Love the black mani with the accent finger!

  11. Love the B/W you ended up doing. I am definitely going to stay away from Wet’n’Wild. I seriously don’t think I’ve purchased a one of their products in about 10 years. Wait, wrong. I bought their juicy lip balms last summer, which they’ve changed since then (got rid of UVA protection!), so now Wet’N’Wild has nothing for me. Def not a fan of Fergie.

    • I thought I was going to stay away from the Wet’n’Wild until I saw that stupid neon (or so I thought) pink. My impulse got the best of me! They got rid of UVA protection?!?!

      • Yes. The juice balms has UVA and UVB protection and were yummy and just slightly tinted. Perfect for summer. When I went to buy a new one, I looked at the ingredients and they got rid of the UVA sunscreens! WTF?! So mad. It’s not like they got rid of it and then also lowered the price. Although, they are only $3 to begin with.

      • WTF indeed! What kind of company removes sunscreens from a product this day and age? Although the tiny price tag, they somehow managed to get them in there before…stupid W’n’W!

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