A Mother’s Guilt

You know how mom’s talk about feeling guilty and torn leaving their kids, while going to work? I often thought they were f’d in the head for not wanting time away from their children until my little one starting pulling this shit whenever I try to leave in the morning (and yes, my baby is a cat. Stop judging).

Ted has a perch right by my front windows that allows him to look over his mighty kingdom of the backyard. As soon as he hears the clink of my ring hit the doorknob, he immediately engages me in a stare down.

What? Where do you think you're going?!

What? Where do you think you’re going?!

He then quickly tip toes like he’s prancing on a high wire over the windowsill with high hopes of preventing my exit.

Sneak attack

Tricky Teddy’s balancing act with no safety net. So daring.

A blur of gray appears before my eyes.

The mad dash

The mad dash.

High hopes the door swings back open.

High hopes the door swings back open.

And then, I regretfully look as I draw the door shut. That face. Oh how the guilt washes over me as I gently shut the door.

Last ditch attempt with a strong paw

Last ditch attempt with a strong paw…

Is it too much to dream about being a stay-at-home cat mom? I mean, I would be the best one ever. Just ask Teddy.



36 thoughts on “A Mother’s Guilt

  1. Hahaha we go through a circus act leaving everyday at my house…atleast I do- not sure about the sister. The damn dog runs for any possible place to be BUT the bathroom where his little home is while we’re away. It always ends in him going dead weight and me throwing my back out picking him up and putting him in his place

    All sorts of tough love.

    It hurts. It really hurts.

    • Oh the lengths we go to for our little fur babies! Isn’t it funny how they know they’re going to have to do something they don’t want…like stay in the bathroom?! Clever little shits! And good luck not throwing your back out…love truly hurts. πŸ™‚

  2. Tracy says:

    Yeah, whenever I leave the house it is the dog Remi that give me that sad look – like – you are leaving me AGAIN???? Years ago, that is how I ended up with a second dog because the Golden Retriever that I had would give me the saddest looks. Soon after that she had a roomie and I still have her today!

    • Oh now adding a roommie is a fab idea! But I bet it works better for dogs than cats (Teddy is so happy my world revolves around only him – cats!). That “you’re leaving” look gets me every damn time! πŸ™‚

  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    Absolutely!! Quit whatever else you have going on in your life right now and devote virtually every minute to Teddy! This is completely required as a cat parent. You will be allowed very short trips out to the store for food, treats and litter. (as long as Teddy is sound asleep and in total nap mode) The food is for the cat of course. If you *must* get something for yourself if at all possible get something the cat also likes, but don’t take a long time picking it out, you have to quickly get back home in case kitty wants something. And he almost always will want something.
    What are you doing sitting there reading this?!? The cat might need something!!

  4. damn, even I was moved by YOUR cat’s sad face!! Teddy should go into acting, you can be the ‘stars’ mom and drive him to all his auditions and spend all your time pimping him out!

  5. Dean says:

    That face could put you on suicide watch from all the guilt! Better quit your job.

  6. You are like my sister/daughter if I had one. I used to HATE to leave my animals to go to work, and I’d sneak back home for lunch if I was close enough and then one day I just stopped going to work and I figured out the longest I could stay away from them without getting panicky was 4 hours. Which made vacationing impossible, which is why hubs and I never had a holiday together in 20+ years until my animalchildren all passed away. True story. I would never leave them unless I had to and hubs stayed home. This just tells me you are a wonderful mom.

  7. Jani says:

    Poor Teddy! I bet he parties while you are gone.

  8. Work work work! It’s like humans only know this word!

  9. Aawwww, I do get the guilt too. Can you make it home for lunch for tasties? He might forgive if you do :). When I get home after a long day, all my three kitties start racing around the apartment so may be they are happy that I’m back. I try to look forward to that.

    • Your three racing cats are thrilled when you get home! That’s why they run all over the place – Teddy tends to do the same thing as soon as I give him an initial pat, he runs around like a dog is chasing him. πŸ™‚ I have been going home for lunch lately and he’s seemed to be a little less angry with me when I get home after work!

  10. petit4chocolatier says:

    Animals are our kids πŸ™‚

  11. dannadesigns says:

    Awwwwe…he misses you. What a sweet kitty.

  12. Hahaha I love your post!! Take care of him and yes indeed, animals are our kids!!

  13. If I hit the lotto tonight, I’ll come stay through the week and be Teddy’s nanny. On the weekends, I’ll hire a driver to tool me, you and Ted around town. How’s that!?

  14. Ms B. BAD says:

    you are just too funny!!

  15. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    I meant to come and comment but I have been stupid busy but I saw it on my phone and laughed my ass off! I had a cat over 19 years ago 😦 When I was younger and went out my cat would hit the slot in the door for the mail all night until I got home. It got so bad in the house that my mother made me take my cat on sleepovers to my friends house. So I would carry him in the carrier and the way we went. It was crazy how he would behave without me around. Poor cat, I still miss him 😦 Poor Teddy, he misses you 😦 If I lived closer I would gladly watch him πŸ™‚

    • OMFG. You took your cat to sleepovers!!!! That is SO funny! Aren’t our little feline creatures clever, beating against the mail slot so they’re never away from their Mamas? You’d be first on my list for a cat nanny! I would make Teddy be an angel…if that’s even possible. πŸ™‚

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

        Yup! And that’s just a start. He would sleep face to face on my pillow, would sit on the edge of the tub, would be literally up my ass if I let the poor bugger. He was like a child. I love that about him though 😦 when I was younger it was a pain but now I wish I had him here. I feel very flattered to be on top of your list of cat nanny’s. Teddy would be spoiled beyond belief (as if he isn’t enough already) πŸ™‚

      • Oh how sweet! I’m sure you miss your little fur baby! I’m happy to share Teddy with you – and consider yourself hired!!

  16. Tricia says:

    Oh I had to chuckle! I can relate – I would LOVE to be a stay at home cat mama too! The pathetic pussy pouty faces we get when we leave can be so extreme it makes us come back in scratch ears and chins for a few minutes more and accept being late to work!

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