How to Pop Someone’s Strawberry Cherry

It’s no secret that I love cocktails (if you regularly read this blog you probably just thought ‘no shit’ – if you’re new (welcome!), I have rum running through my veins. Yes, I’m a walking miracle).

Once in a while I cheat (rarely) on the ever reliable Captain with a strawberry martini from The Cheesecake Factory (you just go there for the cheesecake? Silly you!). Before you turn your nose up thinking I drink like a sorority sister, please know that this oh so delicious cocktail contains straight vodka, fresh strawberry juice (they muddle the berries when ordered – so I’m the bartender’s worst nightmare because you know I don’t just have one) and a squeeze of lemon.  So basically it’s a glass of vodka (which is why I love it so).

I was out for PBDs (pre-birthday drinks – like I’ve said before, I celebrate ALL month) with my gal pal G when she confessed she’d never had the famous (in my world) ‘tini. The horror! What kind of friend am I to let this fabulous girl go so long without this heavenly cocktail?  We immediately ordered a round.


Prepping for the de-virginization.

And while we were only going to have one, once this concoction hits your lips it’s over.


Two just won’t do.

So we had another….


Yep, we asked the waitress to snap another pic. No shame.

And then another, turning our quick cocktail into a bottomless happy hour.


A virgin no more.

Surprisingly we accidentally got tipsy (which I do all the time – read more about that here)…but a little liquor never hurt for one’s first time, right?



33 thoughts on “How to Pop Someone’s Strawberry Cherry

  1. I’m a tartini martini kind of a girl

  2. vudragovich says:

    Vodka Kills Flu/Germ Things & Strawberries Are Fruit So All Healthy! Keep It Up!

  3. dannadesigns says:

    So Fun and I must try this drink next time I am at the Cheesecake Factory! 🙂

  4. I swear, do you ever NOT party??? I am so jealous!! Girls nights are the best!

    • Jenna girl’s nights do rock….and I don’t typically party between the hours of 12am and 8am. Girl’s gotta get her beauty sleep! 🙂 Honestly, I just try to look for the fun in everything and then somehow it turns into a party. Go figure!

  5. i absolutely LOVE those strawberry martinis!! they are far from a sissy fruity cocktail many people think it is! potent as hell and straight vodka!! damn i wish i wasn’t pregnant i’m feigning one now!!

  6. Strewth, and it isn’t even Friday night yet…geez, a couple of those under your belt and you’d be as jumpy as a frog in a sock….

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