Victoria Beckham Booted Out of Nashville!

Or, at least I would kick her non-existent ass out, anyway.

I recently read an article in an issue of Glamour magazine where Victoria Beckham said she loathed crocs (anyone who gives a rat’s ass about how they look would never be caught dead in a pair), boat shoes (maybe she has a point unless you yacht) and cowboy boots.  STOP. THE. PRESS.

That’s when I decided Victoria Beckham, style queen extraordinaire, didn’t know what the F she was talking about (and after a quick review, you know who Posh Spice is and don’t know me from Adam). I have long admired Mrs. Beckham’s hot husband, style, hot husband, chic clothing, hot husband and often wondered how much food (and more importantly, Captain) I would have to cut out of my life to attain her figure. But I digress.

Because I live in Nashville, you can see where I may have an issue with her derogatory footwear statement (I wonder how many people in Texas she pissed off?) and I do realize that cowboy boots aren’t for everyone.  I avoid tennis shoes like the plague (unless I’m working out) therefore, grant the western boot my casual shoe of choice.

Even as a kid in Iowa, I rocked cowboy boots and a snazzy hat alongside my sister (all dolled up for the annual rodeo).

Now today, I’m not dressing in the traditional country giddy up when I wear boots, but they can and do look fabulous with t-shirts, tanks, jeans and some ladies can even pull them off with a dress or skirt (mostly Taylor Swift, not regular people).


These boots were made for walkin’… and I have almost walked the soles off of my beloved $25 shit kickers (they aren’t the same brand of boot and I was able to masterfully finagle a killer deal).

My boots come in oh-so-fashionably handy when I know I’ll be  running around all day at work, walking for miles to and from sporting events (since I lack a parking pass) and they are my kick ass cherry on top for concert outfits.


If these boots could talk…

I’ll bet you a pair of cowboy boots that if Victoria Beckham had to walk to the third tier of a stadium to get to her seat, saunter three miles to the concert venue because it cost $25 to park across the street (but only $3 if you park next to the empty warehouse with bars on its windows) or ran errands for a living and didn’t get to sit and design gorgeous clothes all day, she’d be swapping her trademark five-inch heels for something a little more comfortable, like cowboy boots…

But then she wouldn’t be the fabulous Victoria Beckham and I wouldn’t be writing this bitchy post about her now, would I?



60 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Booted Out of Nashville!

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Let me know if you want bigger image files of those gator/croc pics. There is actually five photos in the series, not sure why I only made it four, I guess #s 3 and 4 were similar.

  2. I’m with her on Crocs, but I love cowboy boots. Have you seen I buy most all of my boots there. Her hot husband would look great in boots. Naked in cowboy boots.

    • Oh hey now…her hot hubs naked in cowboy boots. Hello! I think that should be an ad campaign for Country Outfitter (which I did not know about and am now in love with, so thanks!). Sales would go through the roof!

  3. I heard that he cheats on her all the time, just sayin’. Cowboy boots are awesome, as a fashion statement and for practical reasons. I mean, what do you wear to ride a horse? You rock yours, chicka!

  4. That’s funny Dannadesigns and I think she looks good in them. The hell with Victoria Beckham. I also think you look great rocking yours 🙂

  5. You know I love you, but I need to just say that you really cannot mess with my VickyB…some things are sacred.
    Boots withstanding, obviously.

    Happy Easter!
    xo reversecommuter

  6. Healthy Glow Nutrition says:

    I LOVE cowboy boots! I have never owned a pair, which is such a damn shame! They are sexy, comfortable, and stylish. I would wear them with jeans, desses, you nane it. I’m with you sister! When I visit Nashville I will let you know and maybe you can help be get a great pair. Posh Spice? Phahhhhhhleeze 🙂

    • Oh hells yes! You’d better let me know when you come to Nashville! And the boot shopping extravaganza will be fun times all around, I’m sure. Maybe I’ll pack Teddy in a baby bjorn and sport him around with us! 🙂

  7. dannadesigns says:

    I have to say I agree about the crocs. But cowboy boots…No way! They are always in style and are actually trending right now with the boho look and are fresh for the festival scene 🙂

  8. Gary Lum says:

    She’s an idiot. Boots are cool.

  9. I love cowboy boots! If you scroll through pics of VB, how many pictures do you see her smiling in. I mean not even smiling with her kids around her, her hot husband, her overpriced shoes. Naaaa – I’ll take cowboy boots, good friends, good food and a good drink over that anyday. 😉

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