Victoria Beckham in Cowboy Boots!

After yesterday’s post (click here if you missed) about Victoria Beckham and her statement of not loving cowboy boots in a Glamour magazine article, the fabulous D-Anna from Style Salvation found this picture of the always gorgeous Brit rocking a pair of the footwear she says is a no-no.

Although this photo was snapped in 2005 for I supposed people can change their minds about footwear they deem fabulous…

Looking oh-so-posh in shit kickers.

But if you look this good in cowboy boots, why in the hell would you ever take them off? I for one, would live in them. And the shorts. And then parade around for my hot husband.

Just sayin’!



25 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham in Cowboy Boots!

  1. elkeeb says:

    Posh N boots lol!

  2. vudragovich says:

    Speaking For Husbands Everywhere I Think Our Wives Need To Wear More ShIt Kicking Boots And Cut Off Shorts!

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