How to Make the Rain Suck It

Rain rain go away, I’ll look good with your presence anyway (well, here’s hoping)!

Today is full of dismal, dreary showers here in Nashville, with gray skies.  I often feel like a drowned rat when out and about – probably because my choice of shoes is limited – but I’m always prepared with a little leopard (of course).

Rainy days make the leopard boots come out and play!

Rainy days make the leopard boots come out and play!

On stormy days, I try to coax the sun to come out by wearing my sunglasses anyway (looking like a complete and total jackass).  Accompanied by my high “I didn’t do my hair today” bun, I look like I’m trying to be somebody. Anybody.

Who needs an umbrella when armed with sunnies and a bun? Not this nobody.

Today I tried kicking rain’s ass with a little faux fur action, accompanied by a sequined sweater, black skinnies and of course my fabulous galoshes (please forgive the ugliness in the background below – restroom under construction…).


Vest, Skaist Taylor for Target, $14.98. Sweater, J. Crew, $19.99. Black skinnies, Target, $24.99. Boots, Target, $19.99. See a theme here?!

But the best part about my day? The pop of hot pink inside my jacket.

Oh snap!

Oh snap!

It’s my way wet day version of the sun.

Suck it, rain!



26 thoughts on “How to Make the Rain Suck It

  1. Glitter Mama says:

    You are stunning! I love your boots 😉 and nice lippie! x

  2. I somehow knew you would have animal print wellies

  3. elkeeb says:

    Looking fab! I wore a bun today too I had no time to mess with my hair either. Yours look better than mine did. I’m going to have to steal that look.

    • Girl – the secret is in the scrunchie. I put my hair in a pony using a scrunchie, then wrap my hair around it (hiding it, no doubt!) and then secure with bobby pins. I have thick, fine hair and this trick works!

  4. Jani says:

    Brightens up a rainy dat!

  5. You look good with those sunnies not a jackass 🙂 dudette! Love the sweater and the faux fur vest. Good for you for not going for the animal skinned fur ❤ .

    • Oh, I could never do animal skinned fur. Ever. It makes me so sad to think of it! But I must say that I do love a fur look but it’s faux all the way with me, Sister! And thanks for thinking I don’t look like a jackass….you should see the stares I get as I run into Target in the pouring down rain with my shades on…I just tell people it’s protecting my eye makeup!

  6. LOVE those boots. You look like a movie star with your hair pulled back. A very good look with the shades!

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    You rock that big sunglass look and yeah I agree, the rain can totally suck it. Gotta love the setting and background for your faux fur shot, but remember…Don’t Touch Anything!
    Opening night of Myrtle Beach Pelicans minor league BB tonight and it’s raining like a bastard here now. Oh, and did I mention it would be dollar beer night tonight?! Crap on a cracker 😦

  8. rebecca2000 says:

    It looks like you’re wearing just a wrap bra under there until you see up-close it is part of the sweater. I love the boots too. Love your style missy.

  9. Mancakes says:

    You would totally kick rain’s butt out (often) here in Oregon! 🙂

  10. Let me guess, people are driving like lunatics, too. Nashville develops a crazy set of driving/lack of driving skills in the rain. Or at the mention of rain. You have such great taste in clothes, how I wish we had Target. Closest is Ckarksville and that is an hour drive.

    • Girl – NO TARGET?! OMG! I would die. Quite literally, maybe! And yes, the folks here are acting like it’s rainy men, cats and dogs – I’m avoiding having to drive at 5pm! And thanks for compliment – if there’s ever anything you want from Target, I’ll be happy to pick it up for you!

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