Weekend Winks – Scooby Style

I’ve been besties with my friend Scooby for what feels like 100 years. There is never ever a dull moment when the two of us are together (we’ve been told we’re the male/female versions of one another) and our extremely loud laughs can set off silent alarms (which really happened one time after a night at the bars).  I was thrilled when Scoobs and his hubs, Mr. Scooby spontaneously granted me with their presence this past weekend.

We started with the best intentions for a classy weekend, dining at Nashville’s Virago Friday night.


Me and my Queens.

After a relatively mild evening, Saturday promised to be more exciting. At least for me anyway, as I admired my new bathroom fixture…Mr. Scooby.

From AM...

Toast, Diet Coke and gay man candy. Be still my beating heart!

I made morning cocktails with my fabulous spatula strainer.

Fancy tools in the 90210 of Nashville

Nothing but fancy bar tools in the 90210 of Nashville.

I remembered to stay hydrated, as we proceeded to act like we were part of a marathon tailgating crew by drinking the day away (we didn’t mean to, it just happened!).

fancy cup for rehydration

Staying hydrated is almost as important as matching your glass to your outfit. Almost.

Perusing the shops of Franklin, sparkles caught my eye and I wondered if I ate enough of my skinny salad, could I squeeze into this sequined horse sweatshirt (appropriate attire for the rodeos I never attend).

Will this fit?

All of the salad in the world won’t help.

We sauntered to the Mellow Mushroom, where I politely asked Scooby for a heavy pour of wine – and did I ever get one.

A full glass from a smart ass

A full glass from a smart ass.

This required double duty slurping, which we didn’t mind.


This doesn’t suck.

Mr. and Mr. Scooby wanted to meet someone famous, so I introduced them to “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” Mr. Cardboard Dos Equis.

No, I'm not pregnant They wanted to meet someone famous. I introduced them to Mr. Dos Equis.

After much lunchtime discussion we decided that I look pregnant in this photo. I am indeed, not.

Three pizzas, two bottles of wine and four beers later, lunch was over.  What do classy ladies who lunch do after eating? Ride cannons in the town square, of course.

Cannon ball, anyone?

Cannon ball, anyone?

How to turn a gay man straight...well, maybe not.

How to turn a gay man straight…well, maybe not.

We decided it would be a good idea to go and scare my parents in the middle of the afternoon – because that’s what all vacationers want to do when they visit Nashville, right?

Perfecting our scare faces

Perfecting our fear faces.

The scare was a success and no one had a heart attack, so we had to have a drink in celebration.

Day drinking success! Acted like we were at an all day tailgate.

Day drinking scare success!

A little primping was in order before we headed out Saturday night, so I took a front seat with a Skinny Pirate.

to PM....I could get used to this.

Please take your time. All the time in the world. Please.

A trip to the South requires a taste of moonshine. Like it or not, Scooby!

Yes, do it, it won't hurt until three hours later

C’mon, do it – it won’t hurt until three hours later.

Moonshine shots lead to techno dancing with Teddy.

Teddy's version of techno dancing

Ted can’t even be bothered to put a paw up. Party pooper!

And moonshine also makes you (well, one of us anyway) hit a brick wall one hour after arriving at the bar. We thought about going home but then we had a brilliant idea! Mr. Scooby and I just strapped Scooby in the car and locked him in.

Strapped Scooby in, so he wouldn't get a back ache. Nice, huh?

All strapped up with nowhere to go…

What does any good husband and friend do after securing the drunk? We went back to the club and danced our asses off!

Scooby who?!

Scooby who?!

And have photo shoots in random attire taken from other people. I liked this hat because it reminded me of Santa Claus. Yes, Santa Claus – I have no idea why.

Do you think this cap has fleas?

Do you think this cap has fleas?

As the night went on, Mr. Scooby and I just got prettier and prettier, so we had to continue documenting with photos.


Pretty 1 and Pretty 2.

Then there was a discussion over whose chest was bigger and I lost. But I didn’t lose my shirt.

And continues...his boobs are bigger than mine. But no one asked me to take my shirt off in the gay bar. Hmm...Should I be offended?

I threw Mr. Scooby’s shirt away on purpose.

Once our photo shenanigans were over and the bar lights came on (why do they have to do that to us? I look so much better in low lighting after a certain hour of the evening!), we went out to collect our snoozing Scooby.

A little bit tied up

A little bit tied up but well rested after three hours in the car.

After we got home, the night kind of seemed like it went like this…

Oh boy...

Wait. What?

The next morning I walked into a kitchen of last night’s fun.

Is this a sign of a good time or horrible housekeeping skills?

Sign of a good time or horrible housekeeping skills?

And into the bathroom where it looks like we were trying to get rid of some of the previous evening’s fun.

One person. It wasn't me.

Two bowls, one person. Wasn’t me!

The Easter bunny was a tad late in deliveries, as we discovered treasures when we were headed out to a greasy brunch.

The beer bunny apparently visited Saturday night but did a shitty job hiding cans.

The beer bunny apparently visited Saturday night but did a shitty job hiding cans.

The bunny was so kind to already have popped holes in some of the cans so when we went to collect, we could drink immediately.

The bunny was so kind to already have popped holes in some of the cans so when we went to collect, we could drink immediately

Hair of the dog helps hangovers, right? Even warm beer?

Brunch proved to be a mighty task and the rest of our afternoon was spent recuperating.

Party Animals. In deep recovery.

Party Animals. In deep recovery.

My feet hurt from all of the dancing. My head aches from severe dehydration. My stomach still hurts from all of the laughing.

Cheers to fabulous friends!



41 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Scooby Style

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  7. Jessica says:

    Holy shit, your blog is fun as hell. Reminds me so much of my adventures with my gay pals. Huge fag-hag right here! You and Scooby remind me so much of my college Bff Wes, and the shitstorm we used to raise…the Jess&Wes crusades. Ahh memories! This post was such a refresher of good times that must be haved! You’ve inspired me to get back to the fun. Keep rockin it, chica! You just got a new follower.

    • Hey Jessica! Thanks for the compliments! I try to have fun no matter what I get into (if you can’t tell) – and aren’t gay besties the best?! I love your Jess & Wes Crusades title. Appreciate the follow and now go get out there and have some fun! I demand it. 🙂

  8. OMG, I was laughing my a… off reading this. Thank you!

  9. I am living vicariously through your weekend posts! Before I had my son, this could have been one of my weekends! Fun times for sure! Love your queen t shirt and the lace peplum top! You are so cute and funny!
    xoxo Kari

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