The Photo Bomber

Photo bombing is a dying art. Therefore, I do what classy girls do and try to keep it alive as much as one lone person can. Yes, it’s a daunting task but somebody needs to do it.

Therefore, I do it on cruises…

Not so family Christmas card interruption.

Not so family Christmas card interruption.

I do it at dinner….


Facebook profile pic ruined by yours truly.

And I was in full photo bomber mode this past weekend (after we ‘shared’ two bottles of wine and three beers at lunch).Β  We were trying to capture a picture of Mr. Scooby with his Back to the Future race t-shirt in front of a clock tower. Cute, right? Well not if I had anything to do with it…

Take 1...

Take 1…

Take 2...

Take 2…

Take 3...

Take 3…

Finally Mr. Scooby’s husband put me in a headlock and got the final shot.



Photo bombers are such shits – but somebody’s gotta keep this classy art alive, right? Right?!



40 thoughts on “The Photo Bomber

  1. Hahaha! You make me laugh so much! =^.^=

  2. dannadesigns says:

    Love it! I am guilty of being a photo bomber too…..let your personality shine through! LOL! πŸ™‚

  3. LMAO!!! You are the ultimate photo bomber!!

  4. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!
    ADORING this series – absolutely ADORING!!!!!!!!!!

    xo reversecommuter

  5. marisaporter says:

    You are awesome. Your smile lightens up all the pictures!

  6. Take 1 is a keeper. Please make that your facebook profile pic.

  7. FreeUrCloset says:

    Lmbo! At least you have a really pretty face so you don’t ruin the pictures! And I agree with the above statement, pic 1 should be a profile pic somewhere..classic!
    xo Natasha

  8. Being bombed on rum or photo bombed, we must keep these important traditions alive and well. Do your part, sister.

  9. lycly says:

    Haha I’m not going to lie to you – I LOVE photobombing. I do it at the bars, at sporting events – anytime I’m in public and people I don’t know (or do know) are taking pictures. Glorious lol

  10. Phil Lanoue says:

    Holy shit! I looked up “Photo Bomber” in Wikipedia and your picture showed up!! Excellent!
    So funny that you would request pics of those who have been bombed by you! And naturally all involved should be duly honored. πŸ˜€

  11. haha you’re hysterical! keep up the bombing girl!!

  12. You are totally keeping it classy! I love this post and the opportunity to see more pics of Mr. Scooby, excellent man candy, and your gorgeous, smiling face! I need to photobomb more often, it is a dying art form!

  13. marisaporter says:

    You already know – but you’ve been nominated by me (again!, or was it tagging last time. Oh well)

  14. You’re my laugh therapist

  15. stylentonic says:

    hahaha! super fun snapshots! xxx

  16. vudragovich says:

    Beautiful People Should Be Photographed.Just Watch For PApparazis!

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