The Photo Bomber

Photo bombing is a dying art. Therefore, I do what classy girls do and try to keep it alive as much as one lone person can. Yes, it’s a daunting task but somebody needs to do it.

Therefore, I do it on cruises…

Not so family Christmas card interruption.

Not so family Christmas card interruption.

I do it at dinner….


Facebook profile pic ruined by yours truly.

And I was in full photo bomber mode this past weekend (after we ‘shared’ two bottles of wine and three beers at lunch).  We were trying to capture a picture of Mr. Scooby with his Back to the Future race t-shirt in front of a clock tower. Cute, right? Well not if I had anything to do with it…

Take 1...

Take 1…

Take 2...

Take 2…

Take 3...

Take 3…

Finally Mr. Scooby’s husband put me in a headlock and got the final shot.



Photo bombers are such shits – but somebody’s gotta keep this classy art alive, right? Right?!



40 thoughts on “The Photo Bomber

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