We’re Baaaaaaack!

My welcome home from Florida included almost losing an eye to a claw from my ultra sweet, patient and loving cat. Perhaps Teddy was trying to teach me a lesson in lovin’ and leavin’?

I'll claw your eye out if you ever leave me again.

I’ll claw your eye out if you ever leave me again.

While this cold shoulder treatment came as no surprise (click here to read about the typical Teddy treatment I receive upon returning from a vacation), I always secretly hope he’ll greet me with open paws. No such luck.

I hope you missed me more than my bitchy little fur ball (whom I love more than life itself) because I missed you!

Florida shenanigan updates next week.




41 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaaaack!

  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Can’t wait to spend the next hour reading through your Florida posts:)

  2. My laugh therapist is back. Yay!!!!

  3. dannadesigns says:

    Yay! Glad your back and hope you had an ultra fabulous time. Can’t wait to see some pics from the Vacay! 🙂

  4. kellisamson says:

    Yay!! I missed you! {and Ted.} Look at those ears on that kitty! He is not happy. You are going to have to paint his nails.

  5. iamforchange says:

    http://iamforchange.wordpress.com/awards-page-and-nominations-thank-you-i-am-so-honored-and-grateful/ So many have shared so much with me and I wish to share as well please accept my nominations and if nothing else know I am grateful for your sharing on your pages with us all and the time you share with me on mine.Thank you!! 🙂 Joe

  6. Strewth, look forward to it, might have to pour myself a “Bundy” when I read about the adventure 🙂

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