When going on vacation, a manicure must be all gussied up, agree?  For my recent trip to Key West, I went with silver, neon pink and a tad of black.

Gaudy? Yes. Fabulous? Always.

A Captain Colada with matching flashy nails. Sigh.

A Captain Colada with matching flashy nails. Sigh.

To achieve this look use two coats of China Glaze’s Platinum Silver, followed by one thick coat of Pixi nail color in Summer Pink on the tips and a thin strip of Milani Nail Art Laquer in Black Sketch. Finish with one coat of Seche Vite top coat (the best ever in my book) for a complete vacay mani.

Beach action

Beached Nails.

Of course being back at work for a full week of work already has me wondering…

Of course being back for a full week of work has me already wondering...

Does this contain a mimosa or Bailey’s and coffee…?

I know you feel so badly for me.




21 thoughts on “Mani-cation

  1. How did I miss this!?!?! Um…genius!!

  2. vudragovich says:

    So That Is The Secret Two Coats Of China! Now I Got It! tks

  3. 1EarthUnited says:

    Girl, you really know how to drink in style, nails look great with the drink at hand. Oooh Captain Colada, yum! ☼

  4. marisaporter says:

    Your manicures amaze and inspire!

  5. I looks great! That colada looks so delicious.

  6. lycly says:

    Fabulous nails!! I hope your vacation was amazing 🙂

  7. You shouldn’t sneak up on me like that, didn’t have a chance to grab a “Bundy” …!

  8. hell yeah! love the color combo, it’s perfect for key west 🙂

  9. Phil Lanoue says:

    Now I want a Captain Colada but sadly have to make due with beer and bourbon.
    We made these snappy frozen melon coladas this past weekend. Rum Midori melon liquor, coco lopez, fresh pineapple, fresh melon, and just a bit more rum (of course) with ice in a blender.

  10. FreeUrCloset says:

    One Monday down, and only four days till the Weekend! I’m sure having such fabulous nails, speeds up the week somehow (with all the compliments you’re getting?).

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