Weekend Winks – Cinco de Chesney Style

My job doesn’t suck.

Working for a production company in Nashville makes for fun outings. This past weekend, our office loaded up a tour bus and headed to Columbia, SC to catch a Kenny Chesney concert.

All access pass to a fun day!

All access pass to a fun day!

My chariot awaited my entry.

My chariot awaited my entry. I could get used to this.

With a designated driver, party times Friday night ensued on the bus.ย  After a couple cocktails, our soiree into what seemed like a junior high slumber party with games like “Never Have I Ever” and “Truth or Dare,” being played.ย  The only thing we lacked was a warm bowl of water for the first person who passed out…


Truth or moonshine?

What trip is complete without Jagermeister (well, mine could have carried on without it)

Do you dare for a Jager?

Here’s a neat thing a fellow traveler found wedged between the ceiling of her bunk, leftover from a prior trip…

This is why I travel with my bed in a bag.

This is why I travel with my bed in a bag.

Upon our arrival, we found ourselves rollin’ with the big boys in the bus parking lot.

Rollin' with the big boys!

Our party parking lot.

Having an all access pass (poor, poor, pitiful me), I could roam the Williams Brice Stadium and see all of the shenanigans taking place before the door opened.

Williams Brice Stadium cold bleachers awaiting rear ends.

Cold bleachers awaiting rear ends.

Everyone needed their photo taken on the big stage, of course.

Pictures of pictures

Nice photographer!

blah blah

Listening to sound checks…not a rough day!

In case you’re blonde and/or are prone to getting lost, there are signs for you to follow everywhere.

There are signs everywhere in case your blonde and have no idea where to go.

Anybody know how to get to everything?

Vibe room to chill

It’s rough work being a VIP!

Think I’d still have a job if I rode the fish below like a bull?

Think I'd still have a job if I rode that fish like a bull?

Yeah I didn’t either, which is why you’re seeing this photo sans moi.

I wondered if Ted would mind this Marshall stack in our mini manse?

I wondered if Ted would mind this Marshall stack in our mini manse?

Aside from seeing Kenny (and Kasey Musgraves, Eli Young Band and the Zac Brown Band), the best part of the day was hanging with my work buddies (oh, and having an all access pass … and the cocktails … and the people watching).

Hanging with the crew

Hanging with some of the crew.

We came. We saw. Kenny conquered.


It’s me! CBXB! Remember meeting me 10 years ago?


I caught a glimpse of this below after the concert and had to take a picture – haven’t we all been there before, ladies? (But on second thought, who in the hell wears heels to a six hour concert?)


Wouldn’t you hate to be in the stall next to me and my camera? No shame here.

Of course Teddy was beyond infuriated when I returned home after being away one night. Therefore, I immediately shoved him in a sombrero (every cat’s dream) because we had to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!


Nothing but love from those feline eyes.

Promptly after this photo shoot, I walked into my bedroom to find this scene…

Claws of punishment

Claws of punishment.

But in case you were wondering Mr. Bear and I made up by this morning. So much so that he settled in further to snuggle as my alarm (which usually makes him leap out of his fur), was screaming in my ear.

Where do you think you're going?

Where do you think you’re going?

How about my impressive, one armed, in-the-dark photo skills?

What alarm?

What alarm?

I did make it to work today – much to Ted’s dismay.




34 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Cinco de Chesney Style

  1. kellisamson says:

    I want to do what you do! It was lookin’ a little chilly for Columbia this time ‘l year. What’s up with that?!

    • It was supposed to be 73 and partly cloudy – then it ended up being about 60 and rainy. But that did not deter this flip flop wearing (only shoes I brought) gal from having fun who is now nursing a cold!

  2. What a fun day at work!!!!!

  3. FreeUrCloset says:

    Drinking, party bus, concert??…your job rocks! Where can I find such a gig ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. hahah you know its gonna be a good night when someone finds a trojan!

  5. Somehow I knew your fun time would be punished by Mr. Bear. He’s so mean like that. Cinco De Teddo calls the shot.

  6. OMG, I can’t believe you held that in your hand. I wish I can cuddle with ” Your Royal Famousness.”

    • Anytime you’re in my neck of the woods, c’mon by and snuggle with “YRF.” He’s willing and able as long as you promise not to put a sombrero on him like his silly mom. And I can’t believe I touched that thing either. I hope I didn’t catch a STD!

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Teddy looks like he has thoughts of killing you in your sleep for not just putting that sombrero on him but taking a photo and publically posting it.
    I saw ads all over the place for that concert but did not attend. Going to Columbia would require me to leave the beach! Yikes!
    Looks like you had a fantastic time though. I think you mentioned free drinks?! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Leave the beach?! NEVER!
      We did get some complimentary cocktails, which led to all kinds of shenanigans as you can imagine. I think I was still a little tipsy when I thought it was a good idea to put a sombrero on Teddy. And his method of slow killing me for it is working – he started to meow every five minutes at 3:30am this morning – only to run and hide under the kitchen table as I’d go to fetch him. So cute.

  8. marisaporter says:

    I love the cat sitting on your face! My childhood kitty used to wake me up 7 sharp by purring on my belly. Nicest way to wake up in the world.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. OMG YOU TOUCHED THAT THING??? You must have had quite a bit of moonshine…

  10. Good times! Well, except for the cat part anyway.

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