Weekend Winks – Car Party!

A lazy Nashville Friday night consisted of Skinny Pirates and laundry with assistance from Mr. Bear, of course.

Clean as a whistle

Wanting to be the center of my laundry attention.

Fluff cycle

Fluff cycle.

A tad on the overly excited side, I accidentally ate an entire bag of Lay’s potato chips due to the fact that my bootlegged AE chip dip (brought back from last week’s trip to Iowa) called my name every three seconds from the fridge. Along with the equally delicious AE cottage cheese.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend.

An unexpected girl’s Saturday night out called for pre-party cocktails and a fancy Instagram-ish photo shoot, showing off my leopard heels (purchased on sale at Dillards – $19.98. Hello!).

Snazzy with Instagram

Cocktails and high heels on a Saturday night.

Upon arriving to our bar of choice, we commenced the rare evening out (some of these ladies have little ones, therefore not out-on-the town as much as yours truly) with a big, fat toast.

Cheers to Saturday!

Cheers to Saturday!

Moms on the loose.

Moms on the loose.

People watching is one of my fave things to do and I was trying to snap a pic of a gal’s rain boots all incognito with no success. So we sat up a mock photo shoot in the booth.

The cover up

The cover up.

The victory shot of the camo rain boots with no precipitation in sight. But a much-needed documentation of Southern-style rubber mud kickers, agree?

to get the boots

Mission accomplished.

Once our camo clad photo shoot was busted (I think my loud laugh gave our shenanigans away), we kept up the charade of a photo shoot up much to our fellow bar-goers delight.


Can you believe the Ford Modeling Agency passed on this? Complete with a carrot shred in my lap?

Oh you have camo boots? We have carrot moustaches.

Matching moustache

Yes. We know we’re very cool.

Upon completion of our own personal media event in the bar booth, we celebrated with bubbly in our parked car (since we couldn’t crack the champs open in the restaurant – I brought the bottle in celebration of a baby girl born to one of our fellow ladies eight weeks earlier – so I was a little late…).

took the party to the car

Have you done this since you were 16? We’re just keeping it classy!

Backseat beauties

Backseat beauties.

Our car party was busted by the valet dude who acted like a cop on patrol.

Excuse me

Oh, what’s that you say? We can’t party in the parking lot of this fabulous establishment?

We kissed the stuffy bar good-bye (and I literally left my red lipstick and greasy nose print in my gal pal’s backseat) and hoofed it downtown to carry on the evening.

CBXB reminder for the week

CBXB reminder for the week…I think that’s 24 hour stay put lipstick.

Disapproving of the late hour of my return, Ted could only look down his nose at me in disgust.



But he quickly got over it as I belly rubbed him to sleep.

lazy leopard

Lazy leopard.

Sunday was spent giggling at photos of my god-daughter…what better past time?


Life is good!

Here’s to a happy week for you!

Cheers –



28 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Car Party!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!!!!!

  2. What were the Ford Modelling Agency thinking? 😉

  3. Elli Agars says:

    I need me a carrot moustache now. Looks like a blast of a night you crazy ladies x

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    Binging on chips and dip. Car party. A sleeping puss. It doesn’t get any better then that!

  5. Sounds like fun, even if Ted did disapprove 😉

  6. Carrot shred moustache? Uh, add that to our list of what to bring when we hit a beach (tbd) and have cocktails!
    Awesome post – love love love your adventures!!!!!!!!!

  7. MrJohnson says:

    I can’t have potato chips in my home. Too dangerous!

  8. Haha love the parked car drinking! Def brought back some memories!!! Looks like you guys had a great effing time….and btw love those shoes!!

  9. Damn! I hate when I accidentally put away a whole bag of chips on my own (into my belly). Great deal on the shoes, lady! They’re hawt! As for the valet…is it just me or does he look a lot like a Best Buy employee? 😉

    • I’m sayin’ on the Best Buy employee! You can imagine how we laughed in his face…poor guy. And yes, putting a bag of chips down in a sitting…not making one feel so skinny in skinny jeans today. But SO WORTH the deliciousness of processed food!

  10. I likes me some Doritos to go with my french onion dip! Whooodoggie!

    • Oooh Doritos and french onion dip – great combo! You know when I’m our of dip and trying to be ‘healthier’ I use cottage cheese to dunk my Doritos in. Sounds gross but might be a good substitution for your diet. Slide a little calcium in there…

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