Lazy Lasagna

I am no gourmet chef. I’m not really even close to being called a cook (although I do own some cute aprons in which I like to prance around my kitchen).

Being beyond lazy, I almost always enjoy a nice bowl of cereal for supper. But every once in a while I get a hankering for ‘real’ food and one of my “specialties” is bland, non-exciting lasagna.  Whipping it up for company not only makes me seem kinda domestic, it typically knocks the socks of my food companions, as I’m not offering them just wine and sliced cheese.

Lazy cooking at its finest. Although when presented on skull and crossbone plates (which is my fine china), it really ups the ante, yes?

Underwhelming cooking at its finest. Although when presented on a skull and crossbones plate (which is my fine china), it really ups the ante, yes?

Here’s what you’ll need for this easy peasy Italian dish that will cost you around $10:

1 box no boil lasagna noodles (I use gluten-free but any will do)

1 small carton of cottage cheese

1 package of shredded mozzarella cheese

2 jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce

1 pound of lean beef (your choice of meat or meat substitute)


Gluten-free lasagna at its blandest.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and then fry your choice of meat in a skillet.

Instead of a slicing a fresh onion (takes too much time, makes my mascara run, etc…) I shake in some dried minced onion to spruce up the meat while it’s browning. You can also choose to add green peppers, mushroom, spinach, etc…but you know that takes more time, effort and money (plus adds flavors in which I don’t love…being from the Midwest, I’m all about bland food!).

no fresh onions

No need to cry in the kitchen with already minced onion.

Once the meat is done grab a baking dish and coat with cooking spray. You’ll create three layers and start with the spaghetti sauce, meat, cottage cheese, noodles, sauce again and mozzarella.


Non-tedious layering process.

The second and third layers are the same as the first.


The “secret” weapon in my lazy lasagna is the using more sauce than needed. Leftovers are never dried out!

Stick the concoction in the oven for 45 minutes.  I typically cover in foil for about 25 minutes, then remove the remainder of the baking time so the top layer of cheese can brown.

Ooey, gooey

Ooey, gooey Italian goodness.

And what good is lasagna without bread accompanying its appearance on a plate?  My favorite gluten-free baguette bread is Against the Grain. While it’s a little pricey ($7 for two loaves), it tastes as close to the real deal as any other brand I’ve tried.


The splurge is worth it.

In about an hour, you’ll end up with a low-fat, gluten-free, bland, easy, company pleasing dish.


Of course this lasagna is served with a very large bottle of wine. Duh.

I never tell anyone this is gluten-free until after they’ve consumed and no one ever knows the difference!

Bon appetite my lazy cooks!



34 thoughts on “Lazy Lasagna

  1. Hhhmmm, looks good for a lazy one! I wish i could’ve scratched my pc to taste it 🙂

  2. Cordelia says:

    I’ll fight Alicia for those plates! (After I come out of my Italian food carb coma..)

  3. Amanda says:

    Sounds amazing! And… wine & cheese is totally fine by me!

  4. aliciabenton says:

    1. Wine and sliced cheese will do just fine, thank you…
    2. Looks delicious!
    3. Your plates are amazing!

  5. Love it! And my stepdad requires gluten free, so I’m probably gonna try this out. (Though I prefer my onions fresh.)

  6. Just so happens that I’m sitting here eating Lasagna (from Costco) for lunch. I’ll definitely have to give your recipe a try and join the “I’m also a cook” club. 🙂

  7. YUM!!!!!!!!!! I am a sucker for lasagna.

  8. Kati says:

    Yum-oh! Where do you buy the kick-ass bread? Just reading about it made my mouth water. 😉

    • I found it at Whole Foods – it is really a fab substitute for ‘real’ garlic bread! And I’ve used it for fondue, sandwiches and dunking in soup. Invest when you go to load up on GF groceries!

  9. As an Italian man I am appalled at this post. APPALLED!!!! Your assault on one of the finest dishes known to mankind hurts my heart and makes me want to come to Nashville and kick your kitty! And I mean Mr. Ted, not your lady part! Lol.

    • Hey now – take it easy, Italian. First of all Ted will claw your eyes out. Second of all, you’re on a diet and this is a low cal lasagna dish. Lastly, I never claimed this was going to be the end-all-be-all best lasagna ever. I told you up front it was lazy. No trying to hide that fact here!

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