Whoever Smelt It Dealt It

Duh. Read my posts much? If I didn’t mention this, one of you readers might have decided to call the loony bin and reserve a spot for me. A long sniff of my beloved Captain Morgan can relax me almost as much as taking a swig (I’m lying but didn’t want to sound like an alcoholic).  Captain reminds me of the fun Fourth of Julys in the Ozarks with my cousins, the smell puts me at my local watering hole Dalts on a fun Friday night and accompanies the ups and downs in my life with ease. I love this liquor.

Skinny Pirates for me, wine for my first mate on Friday nights.

My Cat, Ted. Teddy Bear. Mr. Bear. Teddy Ruxpin. Teddy Kruger. Teddy Back Bear. TB. Yogi Bear-ah.

Shut the F up at whatever you’re muttering to yourself about me right now. I’m not talking about the smell of his cat pan. Or the terrible duck food breath he blows in my face as he yawns. But there is a specific scent that he emits (like a secret potion that makes me love him even though he does stuff like chew on my purse handles, barf on my rugs, use my toothbrush (click here to read all about it) and meows his brains out daily like a roaring lion at 3:57am) when I catch a puff of his aroma and my heart swells with a little more love for my fur baby.


Duck food breath be damned!

Gasoline. Fuel. Petroleum.

Oh a good whiff of gasoline… the vapors creep into my nose and make my brain happy for an ecstatic three seconds. Typically (and luckily for my cerebrum) I only fill my gas tank up every two weeks (I work close to home, thankfully) so my brain function shouldn’t be too altered by my bi-monthly gas inhaling.

Fueling up on fuel.

Fueling up on fuel.

Soil. Real black dirt. Not clay.

There is something about the smell of Iowa dirt (not the clay dirt that resides in Tennessee) that takes me back to riding the combine with my Grandpa. Or planting a garden with my dad as a kid. Or concocting mud pies in Grandma’s backyard.

Could this look anymore white trash with my dad in his wife beater?

Could this look anymore white trash with my dad in his wife beater? And I’m pretty sure he’s pointing to where I should dig. How sweet.

ADM Factory. Rotten food. Stank ass.

Eeew gross you think. And I’m right there with you. BUT inhaling this disgustingness means that I’ve made it to the nook of Iowa where my sister, bro-in-law and their little lovies reside. Maybe I should associate a different smell with them…

Smell spoiled food? We're almost there!

Smell spoiled food? Auntie CBXB is almost there and can’t wait to get her paws on you!

The Iowa State Fair….specifically greasy food aroma.

There’s almost nothing I adore more than going to the Iowa State Fair. Fried butter on a stick, pickles, giant tenderloins, donuts, cheese curds, funnel cakes, corn dogs, Snickers….just thinking about the smell of fair food made me gain 10 lbs in the last five minutes.

In fried cheese heaven at the Iowa State Fair.

In fried cheese heaven at the Iowa State Fair.

What makes your nose happy? Weird scents tag, you’re it.


33 thoughts on “Whoever Smelt It Dealt It

  1. FreeUrCloset says:

    Wet dog! Our dog, Lucky, goes swimming in our pool and makes our house smell like wet dog. Something about the smell makes me feel at home. lol. and fried snickers are yummay!
    xo Natasha

  2. Believe it or not, I love the smell of my pasture in the rain. Kinda a mix of fresh rain, dried cow pies, and old pee…. It means that I’m in the country, which I love. (Also – I love the smell of gasoline, too, I love to fill up my car)

    • I can see where the mix of rain and cow patties would make you feel like you were in the country. I grew up in a small farming community and when we would think the smell of cow manure was gross, my Grandpa would say, “that’s the smell of money.” So true!

  3. Oh my gash, the smell of fresh olive bread. Drooling thinking about 🙂

  4. The smell of good leather, summer rain, puppy breath, and Febreeze. I spray myself with it when I’m too lazy to shower. Good as new.

    • I love your skipping the shower but still smell fresh technique! I may have to join in the Febreeze fun after a long night out before work…And puppy breath is so gross – but so sweet at the same time. I feel ya!

  5. Sinead says:

    I love the smell of a freshly painted room…not sure how good that is to be breathing in though! 🙂

  6. Another brilliant post! I never get bored of hearing about your life!!!!

  7. Gary Lum says:

    Escherichia coli on MacConkey agar and a range of other bacteria on culture media. Weird right 😃

  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    I’m with Jolene (no not the part about the smell of her husband) but a steak on the grill does it for me as well.
    But that was not technically your question was it?! You are not looking for regular good smells that most everyone can agree are terrific, you are looking for ones that many might consider to be stank ass.
    So I’m going with a good salt marsh at low tide or nice snake infested swamp. Not just for the particular aroma, shall we say, but also for the promise of what cool things might be in and around the area.

    • I would expect nothing less from your stank ass answers! Plus, the pictures you’d capture while enjoying these particular aromas would be fantastic, as always. Which is why I assume you like the smell.

  9. Jolene says:

    The smell of steak cooking on a grill…..anyones grill really, that campfire smell and my husband.

  10. That pic of your dad is almost exactly what I assumed Iowans were like! Except he looked a little classier. I loves me the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer time. It reminds me of little league baseball back when I was good at something. Of course, state fairs are pretty awesome too!

    • I’m glad I could confirm your thoughts on what stereotypical Iowans were/are like – although, my dad probably is giving the entire state a bad name with his outfit…
      And fresh cut grass is another fave of mine – although in Tennessee, it kind of tends to smell like onions. Weird, huh?

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