Weekend Winks – Mini Manse on the Move!

Last weekend was consumed with digesting the fact that I was being asked to vacate my beloved mini-manse due to circumstances out of my control (which would be an unplanned pregnancy by my landlord’s son who lives on the other side…so they’re expanding to my side of the duplex. Condoms rock for those of you who seem to be unaware of the perks such as my neighbor).

So all this week I cruised the streets of Nashville, Craigslist (there are some real doozies out there – people and places – one guy had a bong out on the refrigerator as we toured the apartment), paper and Internet with my gal pal G (you know, the one who wanted to beat up an 80-year-old on my behalf – read about it here).Β  After much stomach turning, sleepless nights, budget reviewing and armpit sweating, I signed a lease! Now I might have to sell a few body parts between now and July 1, but Ted and I have a new place to call home.

Closet heaven. Holla!

This closet made me do it.

I wore the closest thing I had to ruby-red slippers when I went to sign the lease on Saturday.

Hoping to click my heels and say there's no place like home...

Clicking my heels and saying there’s no place like home…

Of course a few cocktails were called for as my mind whirled with thoughts of “WTF did I just do…is it the right thing….will Teddy adjust accordingly….?!”

Mine all mine!

Mine all mine!

I was quickly reminded of how much fun apartment living can be while celebrating with Mom on the patio.Β  All of a sudden, small rocks (pebbles, really) from the neighbor’s deck above fell through the cracks accompanied by screams of, “YOU CALLED ME A LAZY ASS! YOU F’ING BITCH!” More rocks thrown through the cracks. Ah, home sweet home.

My new patio wing...

My new patio wing…the rock quarry.

I had to share the news with my little B & B in Iowa via FaceTime. They insisted on cuddling while I recounted how much fun I will have posting about my neighbors above me.

Cray cray Aunt CBXB

What happened next Auntie CBXB?!

Father’s Day called from some southern spoiling for my dear old dad (and he hated every minute of it, as you can tell from the pics).

Spoiled father on dad's day.

Double fisting gifts.

CBXB gifted Dad with a pretty sweet BBQ hat and a framed quote regarding legendary status I came upon this weekend. My dad often refers to himself as “a legend” because he was an athletic stud in high school and college (which even led to some time in the NFL).

Lucky loot

Legendary loot.

The frame included this little picture…

My dad....the legend.

He expected nothing less from the classy gal he raised right.

Hanging with the Legend...

Hanging with The Legend…

All important margaritas were poured for our Father’s Day celebration (he was heavy-handed with his glass – go figure).

All important margarita

Just a few more ounces should do the trick.

My bro-in-law, celebrating his first Dad’s Day got the little twins giggling with delight (I wish he would call and make me laugh like that).

Fun Day Father's Day!

Fun Day Father’s Day!

Upon returning home from my parent’s house, I had to break the news to Ted that we would be leaving our mini-manse. He took the news about as well as I did when I found out last week …

Me taking the news (not so well, mind you) –

Smoking wreck

Ted’s reaction last night –

WTF were you thinking? I KNOW.


I’ll keep you posted on the feline fun that is coming my way.



38 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Mini Manse on the Move!

  1. Happy moving!! I love your toppp! I bet it’s really hot in there.. πŸ™‚

  2. Lol. Oh you and that cat and those cigs are pretty funny. Did your dad play some football at Iowa?

    • Ted and I have the innate ability to make assholes of ourselves…often! And my dad played football at a small Iowa college called Northwestern. He then played for the Colts when they were in Baltimore. And yes, he thinks he’s a stud.

  3. GIRL YOU ROCK those shoes. Are you sure you want to live in a place with Nigella Lawson and her hubs? (http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/17/world/uk-lawson-inquiry/)

  4. FreeUrCloset says:

    Ahhh..crazy neighbors, one of the perks of apartment living! We used to have neighbors above us who would move furniture around @2am every night without fail!
    XOXO Natasha

  5. I love love that corset top – and the shoes just happen to make the look more fierce

  6. Phil Lanoue says:

    When I read about those stones coming through your deck along with the commentary I’m wondering if I will be seeing them (and a photo bomb by you) on an upcoming episode of COPS. As long as someone is shirtless, tattoo’d and holding a beer and or ciggie they will surely make it on air.
    After receiving the moving news Teddy looks like he may have just reached the first stage…Confusion
    The next stages are worse, much worse. GFL my dear. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Phil. I truly wish you were my neighbor because you just gave me the biggest laugh. I will most certainly be on an upcoming episode of COPS – the fame whore in the back of a shot with her cat pretending not to notice I’m on camera. And Teddy THE TERROR has already started some fun tricks. Ah, moving….

  7. kellisamson says:

    OH, girl, that closet would make me do it, too. And you are going to have fun with those new neighbors when you show up with Skinny Pirates to sweet talk them into being nice. Love your dad! He is always fun to read about. Ted, though; he looks like he needs a drink. Can you arrange that?

  8. vudragovich says:

    I can see how BIG Teddy’s eyes are, like those old Bugs Bunny cartoons when the female wabbit walked by.
    Glad you found a new place and holy cow those shoes!
    I still do not understand you…yes, you, owning cups that say “no shoes”

  9. I HATE moving. I’m still trying to get over my recent move from TN to RI. Even happy moves are tough! But I’m sure you’ll cope much better than I did, being that you’re so much younger and prettier than I. (Not sure what prettier has to do with it, but I’ve always heard that pretty is as pretty does, so I’m certain you’ll be okay, right? I sincerely hope so!)

  10. Did you choose the place with the free Bong?

  11. LifeOfBun says:

    Ahh appartment life LOL. Also, you look so spunky (is that the right word?), I wish I had your sleek cool hair, works so well with those shoes and that top. πŸ˜€

    • I’ll take spunky any day of the week! So thanks, Lady! My hair can only be sleek – it’s stick straight even when it air drys. I think I was overdoing it a little bit for a lease signing day but I HAD to bring it, ya know?!

  12. Mitzie Mee says:

    Congrats on your new apartment. Ted will get over it, I’m sure:) Happy Father’s day by the way (not to you, to your dad)…in Denmark it was more than a week ago:)

  13. I like the balcony, it seems like you a little garden. Can’t wait to see more of that closet.

  14. elkeeb says:

    Good luck with your new spot!

    • Oh Girl – I can barely type tonight, as my arms feel as heavy as the stuff we carried to and from places. How is it that we accumulate such fabulous things like L.A.M.B. purses and shoes – and then ask them to relocate to a different closet? Except this closet is going to kick some serious ass!

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